About me

Bioinformatician | Developer | Archer | Father | Reader


I’ve been studying and working as bioinformatician for a long time already. I joined BIIT research group back in 2004.  Finished Bachelor studies in 2005 and Masters in 2007. Since then I have been working to finish my PhD. This has taken a long time, hopefully not too long any more.

Main Research area has been high-throughput gene expression data analysis. Mostly based on microarray technology, but new strong force is based on sequencing.

I have two web based gene expression visualisation/analysis tools.

First is called KEGGanim, which is a way to visualise expression data on KEGG pathways. It is first as it was published earlier. Any kind or type of (pseudo) expression data will do as long it has gene/protein identifiers in first column, first row should express sample/frame titles and the matrix it self is filled with numeric values indicating some sort of expression level.

“One picture is worth thousand words!”

Second one is called MEM… still it is darn difficult to find the right words – for me, that only shows the importance of this tool.


As mentioned I have two main web based software tools. It kinda implies that I also do software as well web development. Though I have lagged behind on all the latest web development technologies (they are really passing by fast), I’ll try to catch up time to time on smaller more private projects. MEM and KEGGanim are both written in PERL / CGI.

I would say I’m still most fluent in PERL, but as I do a lot of statistical analysis, I feel quite confident in R as well. Time to time I try to improve my skill in PYTHON, C++. Which I feel are quite essential in the near future to know and feel comfortable with.


I’m a member of Tartu Vibuklubi. Try to do at least once a week 2h practice session and go to competitions as often as possible. Not that I would be very good archer (not yet anyway), but the community is really fun and I feel it’s always a day well spent. I have three bows. Two Falco bows: “Legend” and “Spirit”. I made my self a promise, that when I finish PhD I’ll buy myself  TimberPoint  bow. In august 2016 it really happened, all my friends and family joined in and I got my very own TimberPoint longbow!  Jaco is making the best longbows in the world – right here in Estonia, Mooste.


I have two beautiful and lively children. Iona and Stig. I will not share more about them, they’ll have their own web footprint soon enough.


I love to read science fiction. My favourite author is Dan Simmons. While reading I often found my self impressed by the play of words.

I love to see how (science) fiction author play with different realities and social paradigms. Venturing on to play out different scenarios how things might be and often how they should not be. It is fun to read and explore the extent of authors imagination.