BIIT related events 2006

Events, travels, meetings important to BIIT in reverse chronological order


See the group poster (from Oct 2006),
December 20-21 2006
COBRED project meeting in Paris (Jaak)
November 29 - December 01
RegCreative Jamboree in Ghent (Lemps, Hedi)
November 09-10
EMBRACE "Regulatory Sequence Motif Discovery" in Uppsala (Hendrik, Lemps, Hedi)
October 26-27th 2006
International Workshop on Standards and Norms in
Population Genetics Co-hosted by the European Commission and the University of Oxford (MolPAGE Consortium)
2006-2007 study year
Sten Ilmjärv will be a visiting student to bioinformatics programme at Bielefeld University
September 29- October 2
Theory days at Voore
September 27
Gene Forum 2006 (all)
September 22-23
Gene Forum 2006 (all)
September 13-17
Genome Informatics conference in Hinxton (Jüri, Hedi)
August 6--10
Estonian Summer School in CS (all)
July 20-21
ENFIN WP5 workshop in Tallinn (all)
July 4-8
BalticGRID Summerschool in Tartu
June 25-27
Databasing the brain (Oslo, Norway -- Jaak Vilo)
How to capture and manage metadata? (EGeen DataCollector platform)
June 7-15
MSc and BSc thesis defences. See theses under
Jaak's students.
June 8-9
Nordic Network of Excellence in Bioinformatics - meeting in Bergen (Jaak and Meelis)
May 31- June 3
Mathematical Foundations of Learning Theory (II) Conference
31 May - 3 June 2006, Paris, France.
Meelis Kull and Konstantin Tretjakov
May 31- June 3
HUGO conference in Helsinki (Jüri Reimand and Jaak Vilo)
May 23 — August 1
Konstantin Tretjakov visiting Nello Cristianini at the University of Bristol, UK.
Ilja Livenson presents at Baltic Grid project meeting in Vilnius
May 12--13
Seminar of ICT Doctoral School in Jäneda (PhD students)
April 24-26
FunGenES project consortium meeting in Nice, France (Raivo and Jaak)
ATD symposium and ATD consortium meeting in Heidelberg (Meelis and Jaak)
March 14
Information event about Univ. of Helsinki International Bioinformatics programme (Jaak Vilo presented BI research outlooks)
Meelis visited Capetown (South Africa) to work on ATD project
2005-2006 study year
Hedi Peterson is a visiting student in Jan Komorowski's lab
2005-2006 study year
Triinu Tasa started a MSc programme in bioinformatics at Chalmers Univ. of Technology
Spring 2005
Meelis Kull is a visiting Marie Curie fellow to the European Bioinformatics Institute