2008 BIIT calendar

Events, travels, meetings important to BIIT in reverse chronological order. Please update also Google Calendar.



Dec 1-5; Lausanne
Hedi visiting Ioannis Xenarios lab @ Lausanne


Nov 17-19. Elixir stakeholders meeting, Hinxton, UK (Jaak)
Nov 1-6. ESF-UB Conference in Biomedicine. Biobanks: introduction and next steps (Italy)  http://www.esf.org/index.php?id=4570, (Liina)


Oct 30 - Nov 2 Boston, USA
RECOMB Regulatory Genomics & DREAM3 (Jüri, Hedi)

Talk: Hedi Peterson - Regulatory networks pertinent in human embryonic stem cells (01.11)

Oct 27 - 28
2nd Symposium on Innovative Software Technology IST Internet Technology and Enterprise Systems. (Liina [talk]: End-to-End Questionnaire Management for Biomedical Studies; Jaak, Konstantin, Janno, Harry-Anton, Margus, )
Oct 23.-25. Estonian Society of Human Genetics Annual Conference @ Kuressaare
Eesti Inimesegeneetika Ühing (Jaak, Hedi, Liina, Jüri, Kostja...)

Oct 22 - Leopold Parts - guest lecture. : Bayesian model for gene expression.

Oct 3-5 Estonian Computer Science Theory Days @ Jõulumäe


Sep 25-26 -- Joint fall seminar with Bioinformatics@IMCB,
Biotech, and Evolutionary biology
Narva-Jõesuu, Estonia

Sep 21-24 Sardinia, Italy
ECCB 2008

Sep 18-19 Kickoff conference of the EXCS, the Estonian Center of Excellence in Computer Science.
Kickoff programme
Sep 11-12 -- COBRED General Assembly meeting in Tallinn
Sep 10-14 Hinxton,UK
Genome Informatics (Hedi)
Sep 1-4 -- MGED 2008, Italy (Raivo)


Aug 24-29 ESSCaSS Summer School 2008 (Estonia)
Aug 22-28 Gothenburg
International Conference on Systems Biology (Hedi)

Talk: Hedi Peterson - TGFbeta pathway reconstruction (27.08)

Aug 8-23 BASOTI - summer school in Tartu


July 19-23: ISMB 2008 in Toronto (Jaak and Priit)
Priit won the BMC Rubik's Cube challenge and the Orienteering event.
July 8-11
2nd ENFIN advanced course on systems level modeling (3 days) + International Workshop on
Systems Biology and Neurosciences (1 day) in Cachan, France (Laur) (homepage)
July 3rd
Prof. Sounak Chakraborty -- Guest lecture: Gene Expression-Based Glioma Classification Using Hierarchical Bayesian Kernel Machine Models. Abstract
July 5-12: ICML/UAI/COLT 2008 in Helsinki


Jun 12-14
8th Gene Forum in Tartu (all)
Jun 14
Raivo Kolde - MSc thesis [PDF]]
Jun 25
Konstantin Tretjakov - MSc
Jun 26
Aleksandr Tkatšenko - BSc


May 30 - Jun 1
BIIT group retreat - scientific seminar in a natural beauty spot in Estonia (TBA)
May 15-24; Berlin
Hedi visiting James Adjaye lab @ Berlin;


Apr 28-29
ENFIN-DREAM meeting in Spain (Jaak, Hedi)

Talk: Jaak Vilo - Pathway reconstruction using gene expression

Apr 21-23
ESNATS project kick-off meeting in Cologne (Jaak, Raivo)
Apr 16, 5:15pm
Popular science "tea-night" -- open discussion on bioinformatics (Jaak Vilo)
Apr 10-11
ESFRI ELIXIR project stakeholder meeting @ EBI (Jaak Vilo)


Mar 30 - Apr 2 :
RECOMB 2008 in Singapore (Meelis; Poster on HappieClust fast approximate hierarchical clustering)
Mar 27-28
COBRED project AGM in Paris (Jaak, Liina)
March 10-14; Paris
COBRED hospital site visits (Institut Curie; Institut Goustave Roussy) (Liina, Dan).
March 4-10; Hannover
CeBIT fair (Jaak, Liina, Margus, Janno)
March 4-6; Rome
ENFIN Annual General Meeting (Jaak, Priit, Phaedra, Hedi)


Feb 25-26; Lausanne
Hedi visiting Ioannis Xenarios lab @ Lausanne;
Feb 21-22; Geneva
ENFIN stem cell regulatory network meeting (Jaak, Hedi)
Feb 11-15; Berlin
Hedi visiting James Adjaye lab @ Berlin;
Feb 5-7; Otepää
Institute of Computer Science - annual seminar


Jan 24; Innsbruck
COBRED project meeting in Innsbruck (Jaak Vilo)
January 21; Tallinn
Final Workshop of CDC 2002-2007: Programme. Presentation: Advances in Bioinformatics (@BIIT) 2002-2007 (Jaak Vilo)
Jan 17;
Dr. Phaedra Agius joins our group as a guest lecturer (in machine learning).
Jan 7-8; Pühajärve
Tippkeskuste Noorte Teadlaste Sümpoosium (Priit Adler, Hedi Peterson)
Jan 1;
Sven Laur joins our group as a scientist