BIIT calendar for 2010


Major events, travel, presentations, etc.


13 - 20. Sten visitin Hendrik and Raivo in Copenhagen
5-12 Parrot program's  last visit to Nice to collaborate with Nathallie Billon's lab (Raivo, Jüri, Hedi)

PhD Thesis of Jüri Reimand received the main top prize from theMinistery of Science and Research student research competition. (15.12.2010) 

BSc thesis of Kaur Alasoo received I prize also from the Ministery of Science and Research. (15.12.2010)

BSc thesis of Kaur Alasoo received First prize of Estonian Academy of Sciences 2010 best student research competition for his work on applying SVM based machine learning to angiogenesis related gene identification.

3-5. Next generation sequencing symposium, Max Planck Institute for Plant Breeding Research, Cologne (Balaji)
16.-20. RECOMB Sattelite (Regulatory Genomics, Systems Biology, Dream)(Hedi, Jüri, Elena)
22.-24. BIIT software seminar and collaboration @ COH, LA (hedi)

26.-30 Bridging the Gap in Biomedical Genetics - Hinxton, Wellcome Trust (Jaak Vilo: Collaboration between biobanking and e-health)
21.-22. IMI-Predect consortium meeting, Helsinki (Jaak)
18.-21. EMBO Microarray course, Hinxton (Hedi teaching BIIT tools)
11.-13. Sirocco Annual meeting, Heidelberg (Balaji and Jaak)
13.-16. The Non-Coding genome, Heidelberg (Balaji and Jaak)
08.-09. ENFIN Chromosome Condensation meeting, Malaga (Priit)

26.-30. Sep - ECCB 2010 conference, Ghent Belgium (Jaak, Priit)
19.-23. Sep ESNATS Summer School (Jaak, Raivo, Sten, Hedi, Konstantin, Elena)
Sep - CIESCI kickoff meeting, Dublin (Jaak)
8.-16. Sep Erice Summer School (Tauno)

30-31. COBRED - final meeting, Paris  (Evry), France (Jaak, Liina, Sven)
22.-26. August: ESSCaSS Summer School 2010

1.-12. Amsterdam - Forum of European Neuroscience conference (Sten)
11.-13. July Intelligent Systems for Molecular Biology (ISMB). Boston, USA (Jaak)
13.-15. July - 13th International MGED Meeting, focusing on translational genomics and high throughput sequencing (Boston) (Jaak)
21.-23. July Bhalchandra Thatte (Oxford) visits BIIT group, presented a lecture. 
22.-23. July hedi visiting Ioannis Xenarios lab in Lausanne

10. Jun - MEM article has been nominated
for the annual Genome Biology best research paper award
!  London, BioMed Central 10 year anniversary event. (Jaak)
15-17. Biit summer days at Sokka
17. Jüri Reimand - PhD defense. Room 404 of the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science Building (Liivi 2). Time: 16.15
18-19. Gene Forum 2010 in Tartu

26-1(July) FEBS (Balaji, Priit, Elena)
26. Project proposal preparation; Helsinki, Biomedicum (Jaak)
28. Workshop on Algorithms and Applications (WAA 2010). (Helsinki; Jaak, Meelis). Presentation - Meelis.
May 31 - Jun 2 -- COBRED statistics data analysis hands-on workshop in Tartu. (UT, Biosystems International, Biocrates, Ipsogen)

11.-13. London meetings on projects SIROCCO, etc  (Jaak, Sulev)
11-13. HexaNord meeting in Are (Sasha, Krista Liin)
26.-28 ESNATS annual meeting Ispra, Italy (Jaak, Raivo)

1.03 - Presentation in Estonian Biobank research seminar.  (Jaak)
21-23 - Francesca Scandurra and Denise Sonntag (COBRED) visiting Tartu

18-19. Paris COBRED Annual General Meeting (Liina, Jaak)
12-14. Jäneda MOLBIO winterschool (Jaak, Hedi)
3-5; Berlin ENFIN Annual General Meeting, Jaak, Priit, Hedi

Jan 13-15. HexaNord network seminar, Vilnius, Lithuania (Jaak, Aleksandr)