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J. Reimand, T. Arak, P. Adler, L. Kolberg, S. Reisberg, H. Peterson, J. Vilo: g:Profiler -- a web server for functional interpretation of gene lists (2016 update) Nucleic Acids Research 2016; doi: 10.1093/nar/gkw199 (PDF, more)
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Welcome to g:Convert!

g:Convert is a gene ID mapping tool that allows conversion of genes, proteins, microarray probes, standard names, various database identifiers, etc. A mix of IDs of different types may be inserted to g:Convert. The user needs to select a target database; all input IDs will be converted into target database format. Input IDs that have no corresponding entry in target database will be displayed as N/A.

g:Convert is based on Ensembl database. Every alias is mapped through a three-level index of gene, transcript, and protein Ensembl IDs, considering possible routes of conversion. g:Convert is well integrated with other modules in g:Profiler. All input IDs will be automatically mapped to an internal format based on ENSG genes.

  • Query 1: Affymetrix probesets (HG U133 2.0 PLUS) for the three core stem cell transcription factors in human (POU5F1, SOX2, NANOG)
  • Query 2: Same as above, but Excel Spreadsheet (XLS) produced as output (output format).
  • Query 3: Genes located in human mitochondrial genome shown as HGNC standard nomenclature (query with chromosomal regions).