g:Profiler help

g:Profiler web service API reference

This document lists the query parameters accepted by the g:Profiler web service. All requests may be invoked as HTTP GET or HTTP POST. The data type of the parameter is specified in square brackets, one of

1. Parameters common for several tools

2. g:GOSt-specific parameters

Request URL: http://biit.cs.ut.ee/gprofiler/

3. g:Cocoa-specific parameters

Request URL: http://biit.cs.ut.ee/gprofiler/gcocoa.cgi

4. g:Convert-specific parameters

Request URL: http://biit.cs.ut.ee/gprofiler/gconvert.cgi

5. g:Sorter-specific parameters

Request URL: http://biit.cs.ut.ee/gprofiler/gsorter.cgi

6. g:Orth-specific parameters

Request URL: http://biit.cs.ut.ee/gprofiler/gorth.cgi