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J. Reimand, T. Arak, P. Adler, L. Kolberg, S. Reisberg, H. Peterson, J. Vilo: g:Profiler -- a web server for functional interpretation of gene lists (2016 update) Nucleic Acids Research 2016; doi: 10.1093/nar/gkw199 (PDF, more)

Welcome to g:Profiler!

g:Profiler is a public web server for characterising and manipulating gene lists of high-throughput genomics. g:Profiler has a simple user-friendly web interface with powerful visualisation and is currently available for 80+ species, including mammals, plants, fungi, insects, etc from Ensembl and Ensembl Genomes. g:Profiler is normally updated every two months in sync with Ensembl. g:Profiler consists of the following tools: g:Profiler has a R package and other programmatic interfaces for integration into your codebase.

About g:Profiler

g:Profiler is developed and maintained in Estonia, at the University of Tartu, Institute of Computer Science, Bioinformatics, Algorithmics and Data Mining Group BIIT. The team consists of Dr. Jüri Reimand (currently at the Donnelly Centre, University of Toronto), Tambet Arak (active development, BIIT) and Prof. Jaak Vilo (principal investigator of BIIT). Over the time, g:Profiler has received valuable contributions from other BIIT members, notably Priit Adler, Jaanus Hansen, Raivo Kolde, Meelis Kull, Hedi Peterson, Liis Kolberg and Sulev Reisberg. The first version of g:Profiler was known as GOSt (Gene Ontology Statistics) and became available in early 2005. g:Profiler is an ELIXIR project.

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We acknowledge financial support from EU FP6 COBRED, ENFIN, ETF7437 MEM, EITSA, ERDF through EXCS funding projects. JR thanks M.Curie Biostar, and U.Agur and A.Lind foundations for fellowships. University of Tartu HPC centre has provided valuable computing resources.

Contact us:

Jüri Reimand & Jaak Vilo
Bioinformatics, Algorithmics, and Data Mining group BIIT
Institute of Computer Science
University of Tartu
Emails: { juri.reimand & jaak.vilo }@ut.ee
Address: Liivi 2-314, Tartu 50409, Estonia


Please use our online contact form or {biit.support}@ut.ee for technical questions and software support.