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P. Adler, R. Kolde, M. Kull, A. Tkatšenko, H. Peterson, J. Reimand and J. Vilo: Mining for coexpression across hundreds of datasets using novel rank aggregation and visualisation methods (2009) Genome Biology [abstract]
R. Kolde, S. Laur, P. Adler and J. Vilo: Robust rank aggregation for gene list integration and meta-analysis (2011) Bioinformatics [abstract]
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1 NANOG 1.1 1429388_AT(NANOG-PS1) Nanog pseudogene 1 .. 1 more annotations
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Dataset list (in query) [280 ds]

E-GEOD-12982 E-GEOD-12982 Transcription profiling of mouse ES cells and various differentiated cell types [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-8128 E-GEOD-8128 Transcription profiling of mouse E14 ES cells and Embryoid bodies [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-16925 E-GEOD-16925 Transcription profiling of mouse ES and iPS cells [AE][EV][DE]
E-TABM-877 E-TABM-877 Transcriptional profiling of mouse pancreatic beta-cells, embryonic stem cells and 10 other normal adult tissues. [AE][EV][DE]
E-TABM-1125 E-TABM-1125 FunGenES: FunGenES_UKOE-5: Transcriptional profiling of CD31(+) cells isolated from murine embryonic stem cells [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-15267 E-GEOD-15267 Transcription profi;ing of mouse induced pluripotent stem cells vs MEF cells to investigate culturing conditions [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-13408 E-GEOD-13408 Transcription profiling of mouse Rb family triple knock-out (TKO) embryonic stem cells as they differentiate in vivo [AE][EV][DE]
E-MTAB-28 E-MTAB-28 Transcription profiling of mouse metaanalysis samples combined from different single data sets on the mouse430_2 integrated mouse dataset [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-9954 E-GEOD-9954 Transcription profiling of mouse tissues from C57Bl6 mice [AE][EV][DE]
E-MEXP-1518 E-MEXP-1518 Transcription profiling of various mouse tissues and cell types [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-10970 E-GEOD-10970 Transcription profiling of mouse embryonic stem cells to identify novel cardiac genes through differentiation [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-32598 E-GEOD-32598 Highly efficient derivation of ventricular cardiomyocytes from induced pluripotent stem cells with a distinct epigenetic signature [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-3653 E-GEOD-3653 Transcription profiling of undifferentiated and differentiated mouse embryonic stem cells in the presence or absence of neurogenin 3 (Ngn3) expression to better characterize the molecular events regulated by Ngn3 during development. [AE][EV][DE]
E-CBIL-29 E-CBIL-29 Transcription profiling of inducible Ngn3 mouse embryonic stem cells [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-10246 E-GEOD-10246 Transcription profiling of mouse tissues - GNF Mouse GeneAtlas V3 [AE][EV][DE]
E-TABM-493 E-TABM-493 Transcription profiling of mouse wild type R1 and cells expressing Pax4 following induction of pacreatic differentitation [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-8024 E-GEOD-8024 Transcription profiling of mouse ES cells, neural precursor cells and embryonic fibroblasts [AE][EV][DE]
E-TABM-1123 E-TABM-1123 FungenES: FunGenES_UKOE-4: Functional characterization and transcriptome analysis of embryonic stem cells-derived contractile smooth muscle cells [AE][EV][DE]
E-TABM-672 E-TABM-672 Transcription profiling of mouse embyronic stem cell line CGR8 during the first 10 days of differentiation into embryoid bodies [AE][EV][DE]
E-TABM-668 E-TABM-668 Transcription profiling of mouse embryonic stem cell line CGR8 during differentiation to mesenchymal stem cells and then adipocyte precursors [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-18660 E-GEOD-18660 Modulation of calcium activated potassium channels induces cardiogenesis of pluripotent stem cells and enrichment of pacemaker- like cells [AE][EV][DE]
E-MEXP-1405 E-MEXP-1405 Transcription profiling and functional characterization of developing cardiomyocytes from recombinant murine embryonic stem cells [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-10871 E-GEOD-10871 Transcription profiling of mouse differentiated, partially- and fully-reprogrammed MEFs/B-cells [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-33121 E-GEOD-33121 Expression data from ESC and in vitro derived somatic cells and germ cells [AE][EV][DE]
E-TABM-363 E-TABM-363 Transcription profiling of mouse embryonic stem cells populations generated during differentiation in the presence or absence of BMP4 [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-26446 E-GEOD-26446 Expression data from Rbp2f/f and Rbp2-/- ES cells before and after differentiation [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-6689 E-GEOD-6689 Transcription profiling of mouse stem cell differentiation [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-19165 E-GEOD-19165 Microarray profiling analysis in Jmj-Fl/Fl and Jmj-null ESCs. [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-6933 E-GEOD-6933 Transcription profiling of mouse multipotent adult progenitor cells [AE][EV][DE]
E-MEXP-835 E-MEXP-835 Transcription profiling of liver from Csbm/m/Xpa-/- knockout mice to investigate the effect of nucleotide excision repair pathway inactivation [AE][EV][DE]
E-TABM-669 E-TABM-669 Transcription profiling of mouse embryonic stem cell line Sox1Tv2 during neuronal differentiation [AE][EV][DE]
E-TABM-716 E-TABM-716 Transcription profiling of mouse ES cell derived brachyury+ (T) cell specific transcriptome [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-29281 E-GEOD-29281 Single Cell based genomewide gene expression analysis of murine bone-marrow derived Very Small Embryonic-Like Stem Cells (VSELs) [AE][EV][DE]
E-MEXP-1375 E-MEXP-1375 Transcription profiling of mouse embryonic stem cells transfected with miR-10a or miR-10a-MUT shows that miR-10a interacts with the 5 prime untranslated region of mRNAs encoding ribosomal proteins and enhances their translation [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-9563 E-GEOD-9563 Transcription profiling of mouse embryonic stem cells (ESCs) differentiation into embyroid bodies (EBs [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-10210 E-GEOD-10210 Transcription profiling of mouse embryonic stem cells expressing VE-cadherin (CD144) during endothelial differentiation [AE][EV][DE]
E-MEXP-1702 E-MEXP-1702 Transcription profiling of mouse hematopoietic Baf-3 cells inducibly expressing transcription factor Sp1 [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-7069 E-GEOD-7069 Transcription profiling of embryonic and hematopoietic stem cells lacking the transcription factor Zfx to provide insight into the role of Zfx in embryonic and adult stem cell self-renewal [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-20841 E-GEOD-20841 Expression data from CXCR4+/FLK1+ and CXCR4-/FLK1- cells isolated by flow cytometry from Day 5 embryoid bodies [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-20958 E-GEOD-20958 Polycomb Group Protein Bmi1 Promotes Hematopoietic Cell Development from ES Cells [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-12986 E-GEOD-12986 Expression of Cdx2 or Gata3 in R1 mouse embryonic stem cells [AE][EV][DE]
E-TABM-513 E-TABM-513 Transcription profiling of mouse embyronic stem cells expressing Alk4* receptor shows expression patterns are triggered by varying levels of activated Smad2/3 [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-10806 E-GEOD-10806 Transcription profiling of mouse iPS cells from neural stem cells by 2 factors (Oct4, KLF4) (Kim, Zaehres et al.) [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-12499 E-GEOD-12499 Transcription profiling of mouse adult neural stem cells exogenously expressing Oct4 produces one-factor induced pluripotent stem (1F iPS) [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-12905 E-GEOD-12905 Transcription profiling of mouse ovaries lacking Foxl2, Wnt4 or Kit and wild type ovaries and testes [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-23908 E-GEOD-23908 Expression analysis of Wv/Wv fetal gonads [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-4936 E-GEOD-4936 Transcription profiling of embryoid bodies treated with retinoic-acid or retinoic-acid + hedgehog agonist to measure neural targets of sonic hedgehog signaling [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-4309 E-GEOD-4309 Transcription profiling of mouse blastocysts to validate an improved single-cell cDNA amplification method (GEO Super Series [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-7948 E-GEOD-7948 Transcription profiling of mouse primordial germ cells in vitro modeling of primordial germ cell development [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-5671 E-GEOD-5671 Transcription profiling of mouse embryonic stem cell line mESC D3 reveals cardiac differentiation of embryonic stem cells recapitulates embryonic cardiac development. [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-11628 E-GEOD-11628 Wnt & LIF signalling in mESC [AE][EV][DE]
E-TABM-903 E-TABM-903 Transcription profiling of mouse embryonic stem cells treated with developmental toxicants to determine the effects on differentiation [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-24289 E-GEOD-24289 Expression data from differentiating ES cells expressing miR-200c and miR-141 [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-17910 E-GEOD-17910 In vitro differentiation of P19CL6 cardiogenic embryonic carcinoma cells [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-17936 E-GEOD-17936 Nkx2.5 regulates Jarid2 during outflow tract morphogenesis [AE][EV][DE]
E-TABM-670 E-TABM-670 Transcription profiling of mouse embryonic stem cell line CGR8 grown in presence of Leukemia Inhibitory Factor and treated with trichostatin A [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-4308 E-GEOD-4308 Transcription profiling of mouse ES cells to generate expression data for validation of single cell cDNA amplification method (V1V3 method) [AE][EV][DE]
E-MEXP-2963 E-MEXP-2963 Transcription profiling by array of mouse embryonic stem cells from wildtype and LRRK2-deficient mice to investigate the effects of LRRK2 on neuronal differentiation [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-19372 E-GEOD-19372 Expression time series during the differentiation of ventral motor neurons from embryonic stem cells [AE][EV][DE]
E-TABM-717 E-TABM-717 Transcription profiling of mouse embryonic stem cells in vitro - FunGenES: IMM-1: Neural Differentiation of Embryonic Stem Cells in vitro: a Road Map to Neurogenesis in the Embryo [AE][EV][DE]
E-TABM-1108 E-TABM-1108 Evaluation of methylmercury on neural development in Embryonic Stem Cell Differentiation Cultures [AE][EV][DE]
E-MTAB-368 E-MTAB-368 Transcription profiling by array of mouse embryos at 8 different stages [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-12999 E-GEOD-12999 Gata3 acts alongside Cdx2 to promote trophoblast gene expression downstream of Tead4 during mouse development [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-9629 E-GEOD-9629 Transcription profiling of mouse kideney FROM beta catenin deficient animals vs controls AT E12.5 [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-20325 E-GEOD-20325 Stabilization of ß-catenin during murine Kidney Development [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-20372 E-GEOD-20372 Gene expression in E14 TG2a cells grown with or without LIF and sorted for 5T4 expression [AE][EV][DE]
E-TABM-667 E-TABM-667 Transcription profiling of mouse embryonic stem cell line CGR8 treated with Leukemia Inhibitory Factor (LIF) to identify LIF-dependent genes and early differentiation markers [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-29072 E-GEOD-29072 Zebularine effect on mouse embryonic stem cells manifested as cardiod-myogenic potential: testable hypothesis generation using microarray data [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-25179 E-GEOD-25179 Overexpression of Dmrt5 in in vitro differentiated neural progenitor cells regulates gene expression [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-5976 E-GEOD-5976 Transcription profiling of mouse ES cells bearing a targeted, doxycycline inducible Mesp1 transgene were differentiated in the absence or presence of DKK1 [AE][EV][DE]
E-MEXP-1976 E-MEXP-1976 Transcription profiling of Mixl1 heterozygous or null mouse embryonic stem cells to identify downstream transcriptional targets during early development [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-27455 E-GEOD-27455 Wnt and Tcf3-mediated regulation of gene expression in mouse embryonic stem cells [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-14354 E-GEOD-14354 Testicular germ cell tumor susceptibility genes from the consomic 129.MOLF-Chr19 mouse strain [AE][EV][DE]
E-MEXP-454 E-MEXP-454 Nef Gene expression during sex determination [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-3463 E-GEOD-3463 Transcription profiling of gonadal somatic cells from gonads of male and female transgenic pSF1-eGFP mice [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-12985 E-GEOD-12985 Differentiation time course of trophoblast stem cells [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-11128 E-GEOD-11128 Transcription profiling of mouse single cells from primordial germ cell lineage (E6.25-E8.25, wild type and Blimp1KO) [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-6882 E-GEOD-6882 Transcription profiling of mouse embryonic ovary developmental time series [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-6916 E-GEOD-6916 Transcription profiling of mouse embryonic gonads during development and differentiation [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-14481 E-GEOD-14481 identification of TGCT genes involved in initiation and maintenance of transformed germ cells. [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-6881 E-GEOD-6881 Transcription profiling of mouse embryonic testis developmental time series [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-17825 E-GEOD-17825 Murine fracture healing [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-17709 E-GEOD-17709 Gene expression analysis of a podocyte specific PTIP deletion in mouse glomerular preparations at 1 month of age [AE][EV][DE]
E-MEXP-2960 E-MEXP-2960 Chronic OVA model [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-16438 E-GEOD-16438 Array profiling of dystrophin-deficient mice with a secondary glycosylation defect [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-15349 E-GEOD-15349 Transcription profiling of mouse skeletal muscle gene expression after myostatin knockout in mature animals [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-26668 E-GEOD-26668 Expression data from E13.5 Fz4-/-Fz8-/- and Fz4+/+Fz8-/- kidneys [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-6078 E-GEOD-6078 Transcription profiling of mouse model of intestinal polyposis PTEN-deficient mutant reveals intestinal stem cells initiate intestinal polyposis [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-30863 E-GEOD-30863 Candidate Genes for Panhypopituitarism identified by gene expression profile [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-22313 E-GEOD-22313 Pre-B cell leukemia homeobox protein Pbx1 is associated with lupus susceptibility in mice and humans [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-23781 E-GEOD-23781 Expression data from E13.5 Fz4-/- and Fz4+/+ kidneys [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-28887 E-GEOD-28887 Gene expression profile of Age associated B cells, Follicular B cells, and B1 cells [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-13611 E-GEOD-13611 Transcription profiling of mouse AID-GFP-positive vs AID-GFP-negative animals [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-10765 E-GEOD-10765 Transcription profiling of mouse MALP-2-stimulated macrophages FROM wild-TYPE, IRAK-2-/- AND IRAK-1-/IRAK-2-/- animals [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-28736 E-GEOD-28736 BATF knockout B cells [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-14415 E-GEOD-14415 Transcription profiling of mouse natural and induced regulatory T cells [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-7275 E-GEOD-7275 Transcription profiling of mouse mast cells derived exosomal RNA versus their parental cells MC/9. [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-24886 E-GEOD-24886 Exosomes mediate protective messages during oxidative stress; role of exosomal shuttle RNA [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-32529 E-GEOD-32529 Mouse ischemic tolerance genomic analysis of the brain and blood. [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-16841 E-GEOD-16841 Transcription profiling of mouse cultured retinal endothelial cells - regulation by Norrin-Frizzled4 signaling (Super Series) [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-11056 E-GEOD-11056 Transcription profiling of mouse lung from animals exposed to arsenic [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-23782 E-GEOD-23782 Adult epidermal Notch activity induces dermal accumulation of stromal cells [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-32966 E-GEOD-32966 Dermal reprogramming through epidermal activation of beta-catenin [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-17739 E-GEOD-17739 Transcription profiling of mouse nephron to assess circadian rhythms [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-25439 E-GEOD-25439 Expression data from MMP3 and control transgenic mice [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-20465 E-GEOD-20465 Her2/Neu breast cancer mouse model whole tissue transcriptome [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-13443 E-GEOD-13443 Transcription profiling of mouse cancer models by profiling saliva from tumor bearing mouse reveals induction of systemic disease-specific salivary biomarker profiles in mouse cancer models [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-12518 E-GEOD-12518 Transcription profiling of mouse MNV-1 infected and mock-infected RAW 264.7 cells. [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-18348 E-GEOD-18348 Transcription profiling of mouse reveals induction of intestinal Th17 cells by segmented filamentous bacteria [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-18383 E-GEOD-18383 Transcription profiling of mouse hippocampus from wild type and p300+/- mice to study Rubinstein-Taybi syndrome (RSTS) [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-27563 E-GEOD-27563 Expression data from murine PBCs from mice with advanced mammary tumors and their tumor-free counterparts. [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-27567 E-GEOD-27567 Integrating Factor Analysis and a Transgenic Mouse Model to Reveal a Peripheral Blood Predictor of Breast Tumors [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-12421 E-GEOD-12421 Transcription profiling of mouse early B cells overexpressing OBF-1 [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-8790 E-GEOD-8790 Transcription profiling of mouse A/J strain treated with cigarette smoke (CS) vs Air treated lungs [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-13522 E-GEOD-13522 Transcription profiling of mouse skin 24 hours after intradermal infection with Trypanosoma cruzi [AE][EV][DE]
E-MEXP-2856 E-MEXP-2856 Transcription profiling by array of mouse wild type or srx knockouts after lipopolysaccharide-induced endotoxic shock [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-25890 E-GEOD-25890 Expression data from mouse Nuocytes [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-26299 E-GEOD-26299 Gene expression profiling in DBA/2J glaucoma [AE][EV][DE]
E-MEXP-1137 E-MEXP-1137 Transcription profiling of lung alveolar type II epithelial cells from CCSP-rtTA/(teto)7Stat3C bitransgenic mice treated with doxycycline and with spontaneous lung bronchoalveolar adenocarcinoma [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-4786 E-GEOD-4786 Transcription profiling of cochleae from young and middle aged mice subjected to calorie restriction to examine age-related changes and calorie restriction-induced changes in gene expression in the cochlea. [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-29284 E-GEOD-29284 Expression data from newborn mouse brain expressing a constitutively active PDGFRb [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-5338 E-GEOD-5338 Transcription profiling of mouse retina with ectopic expression of NR2E3 in Nrl-/- animals reveals in vivo function of NR2E3 in establishing photoreceptor identity during mammalian retinal development [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-9038 E-GEOD-9038 Gene expression profiles of striatum and cerebellum from knock-in mouse model of Huntington's disease [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-20152 E-GEOD-20152 The role of SphK1 in hTNFα induced inflammation [AE][EV][DE]
E-MTAB-447 E-MTAB-447 Transcription profiling of 3 genotypes in mouse [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-10214 E-GEOD-10214 Transcription profiling of mouse memory P14 transgenic CS8+ T cells transgenic T cells after infection with LCMV or influenza and rested for 90 days [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-23114 E-GEOD-23114 Cell cyclin kinase inhibitor Cdkn2c regulates B cell homeostasis and function in the NZM2410-derived murine lupus susceptibility locus Sle2c1 [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-16703 E-GEOD-16703 Transcription profiling of mouse decrement in Norrin/Frizzled4/Lrp signaling in retinal endothelial cells [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-9444 E-GEOD-9444 Transcription profiling of mouse brain from 3 inbred strains after sleep deprivation [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-9443 E-GEOD-9443 Transcription profiling of mouse brain Homer1a-expressing cells after sleep deprivation [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-27628 E-GEOD-27628 Expression data from affected skin from psoriasis mouse models and normal skin from control mice [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-11165 E-GEOD-11165 Transcription profiling ofmouse wild type and GATA6 null lung [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-25825 E-GEOD-25825 Expression data from MxCre;E2F1-/-2-/-3f/f Cd11B myeloid cells [AE][EV][DE]
E-MEXP-1511 E-MEXP-1511 Transcription profiling time series of wild type or Mef2c-deficient mouse B-cells following antigen-receptor stimulation [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-15901 E-GEOD-15901 Comparison of gene expression in whole blood of mice subjected to hypobaric hypoxia at Mt. Everest in vivo. [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-24368 E-GEOD-24368 Distinct Early Molecular Responses to Mutations Causing vLINCL and JNCL Presage ATP Synthase Subunit c Accumulation in Cerebellar Cells [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-26496 E-GEOD-26496 Deletion of Scap in Alveolar Type II Cells Influences Lung Lipid Homeostasis and Identifies a Compensatory Role for Pulmonary Lipofibroblasts [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-29572 E-GEOD-29572 Differential effects of krill oil and fish oil on the hepatic transcriptome in mice [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-15902 E-GEOD-15902 Comparison of gene expression in whole blood of mice subjected to chemical hypoxia in vivo. [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-16707 E-GEOD-16707 Long-term effect on the transcriptome of loss of Frizzled4 signaling in cerebellar endothelial cells [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-5298 E-GEOD-5298 Transcription profiling of mouse Tie2-Cre transgene endothelial cells with inactivated Gata4 reveals development of heart valves requires Gata4 expression in endothelial-derived cells [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-15750 E-GEOD-15750 Transcription profiling of mouse CD8 T cells from two mouse strains (OTI-WT and OTI-TRAF6 knockout) at two timepoints [AE][EV][DE]
E-MEXP-2446 E-MEXP-2446 Transcription profiling of mouse cardiac muscle and epicardium after left coronary artery ligation and sharm operation. [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-13093 E-GEOD-13093 Feeding schedule and the circadian clock shape rhythms in hepatic gene expression [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-12601 E-GEOD-12601 Development and Diversification of Retinal Amacrine Interneurons at Single Cell Resolution [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-25911 E-GEOD-25911 Expression changes after loss of Dot1l in murine MLL-AF9 leukemia cells [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-23800 E-GEOD-23800 Analysis of differential gene expression in Cebpa-positive and Cebpa-negative hematopoietic stem cells using a Cebpa-Cre EYFP reporter mouse model [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-17373 E-GEOD-17373 Transcription profiling of mouse EGFR mutants [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-24291 E-GEOD-24291 Expression data from differentiating ES cells expressing Snail during Wnt inhibition [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-5245 E-GEOD-5245 Transcription profiling of mouse CD4+ T cells responding to transient or persistent antigen presented by dendritic cells in vivo [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-10343 E-GEOD-10343 Transcription profiling of mouse peripheral blood CD4+ T lymphocytes (Th1 and Th2 subsets) and platelets from cecal ligation and puncture-treated BALB/c to investigate acute lung injury [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-16516 E-GEOD-16516 Transcription profiling of mouse hair follicle cells reveals distinct self-renewal and differentiation phases in the niche of infrequently dividing stem cells [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-21041 E-GEOD-21041 Transcriptome analysis of miR-144/451-null bone marrow erythroid cells [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-21670 E-GEOD-21670 Diverse Targets of the Transcription Factor STAT3 Contribute to T Cell Pathogenicity and Homeostasis [Affymetrix Expression] [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-27833 E-GEOD-27833 Notch signaling in HSC [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-33031 E-GEOD-33031 PU.1 restricts adult hematopoietic stem cell proliferation via cell specific autoregulation [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-3554 E-GEOD-3554 Transcription profiling of mouse model of glaucoma retinal RNA from DBA/2J mice at 3 months before disease onset, and at 8 months, after IOP elevation [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-27811 E-GEOD-27811 Expression data from LSK WT, GMP WT and GMP NcstnKO [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-27568 E-GEOD-27568 Ubb Knockout Mouse Testis [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-16364 E-GEOD-16364 Polycomb-like 2 associates with PRC2 and is required for mouse embryonic stem cell [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-15268 E-GEOD-15268 Cell-context dependent Notch target genes [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-30056 E-GEOD-30056 Reconstitution of the mouse germ-cell specification pathway in culture by pluripotent stem cells [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-26830 E-GEOD-26830 Dual functions of Tet1 in transcriptional regulation in mouse embryonic stem cells (mRNA) [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-24350 E-GEOD-24350 Expression data from peptidoglycan stimulated CD11b+ cells from NOD and NOD.Idd3 [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-23308 E-GEOD-23308 Effect of Mineralocorticoid Receptor deletion on glucocorticoid signalling in the macropahge [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-15894 E-GEOD-15894 Comparison of gene expression in whole blood of mice subjected to normobaric hypoxia in vivo. [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-19757 E-GEOD-19757 Expression Data from Bone Marrow Progenitor-Derived Adipocytes, White Adipocytes and Brown Adipocytes. [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-28593 E-GEOD-28593 KMT1E Mediated H3K9 Methylation Is Required for the Maintenance of Embryonic Stem Cells by Repressing Trophectoderm Differentiation [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-19076 E-GEOD-19076 Expression data from wild type, Ring1B-/-, Eed-/-, and Ring1B/Eed double deficient mouse ES cells [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-24078 E-GEOD-24078 Expression data from SSEA1+ differentiated murine embryonic stem cells [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-13421 E-GEOD-13421 Transcription profiling of mouse CBA/CaJ cochlea gene expression profile [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-19436 E-GEOD-19436 Transcriptional alterations in cycling neural stem cells underlying alcohol use disorders [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-28530 E-GEOD-28530 Genome-wide Regulation of 5hmC, 5mC and Gene Expression by Tet1 Hydroxylase in Mouse Embryonic Stem Cells (expression data) [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-10912 E-GEOD-10912 Transcription profiling of mouse leukemia (HSC) haematopoietic stem cells expressing BCR/ABL [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-12772 E-GEOD-12772 Hematopoietic stem cell (HSC) expression alteration in an ADAR1 mouse model [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-25737 E-GEOD-25737 Geminin-regulated genes during neural fate acquisition of mouse embryonic stem cells [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-9760 E-GEOD-9760 Transcription profiling of mouse model of Huntingdons disease embryonic stem cells with expanded CAG repeats [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-13104 E-GEOD-13104 Transcription profiling of mouse p53+/- osteosarcoma (with mc3T3 and one RS control) [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-19299 E-GEOD-19299 Transcription profiling of mouse osteoblast cell from wild-type and retinoblastoma tumor suppressor(Rb) knock-out. [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-21603 E-GEOD-21603 Expression profiles of colon epithelial cells and tumor samples of wild-type and vil-Cre-Bcl9-/-/Bcl9l-/- mice [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-9247 E-GEOD-9247 Transcription profiling of mouse MC3T3-E1 preosteoblasts with HDIs (trichostatin A, MS-275, or valproic acid) or the vehicle control (DMSO) for 18 hours in osteogenic conditions [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-12467 E-GEOD-12467 Differentially regulated genes in control and c-myc N-myc deficient LT-HSCs [AE][EV][DE]
E-MEXP-3017 E-MEXP-3017 Low Dose PDT - Murine Tumors [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-29458 E-GEOD-29458 Expression data from PDGF driven mouse tumors [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-25827 E-GEOD-25827 ERK5 Regulates Muscle Cell Fusion through Klf Transcription Factors [AE][EV][DE]
E-TABM-411 E-TABM-411 Transcription profiling of mouse wild type and pkd1-/- kidney epithelial cells with and without fluid flow [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-11358 E-GEOD-11358 Transcription profiling of human moderate stage Huntingdons patients reveals histones associated with downregulated genes are hypo-acetylated [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-9044 E-GEOD-9044 Transcription profiling of mouse embryoid bodies with HOXB4 induced or not induced to identify its target genes [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-29995 E-GEOD-29995 Expression data from the node and primitive streak (NPS) regions from WT and Wnt3a null embryos [AE][EV][DE]
E-TABM-684 E-TABM-684 Transcription profiling of mouse basal-like mammary tumors of luminal origin [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-24705 E-GEOD-24705 mRNA expression data from iPSCs, ntESCs and iPSC-nt-ESCs [AE][EV][DE]
E-TABM-997 E-TABM-997 Transcription profiling by array of mouse mammary epithelial stem cell tumours. [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-17101 E-GEOD-17101 Expression profiles of mouse glioma-initiating cell-like subclones [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-15232 E-GEOD-15232 A Regulatory Pathway Involving Notch1/β-Catenin/Isl1 Determines Cardiac Progenitor Cell Fate [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-12694 E-GEOD-12694 Transcription profiling of mouse p53-null with 3 p53/Pten double-null murine NSC [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-25178 E-GEOD-25178 Differential expression between floor plate and ventral lateral region in E10.5 mouse embryo midbrain [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-19729 E-GEOD-19729 Interactions between developing B-lymphocytes and stromal cells reveal complex interactions and two-way communication [AE][EV][DE]
E-MEXP-2554 E-MEXP-2554 Transcription profiling of 3 mouse cell lines infected with Leishmania [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-13490 E-GEOD-13490 Transcription profiling of mouse model of glioma reveals cancer stem cells are enriched in the side-population cells [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-13526 E-GEOD-13526 Transcription profiling of mouse WT and Nxf2 KO post-natal day 21 testes [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-18064 E-GEOD-18064 Comparison of MBT/Pas and BALB/cByJ MEFs response after infection with Rift Valley Fever virus [AE][EV][DE]
E-MEXP-3016 E-MEXP-3016 Low dose PDT - Murine Cells [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-20620 E-GEOD-20620 Global analysis of gene expression by SV40 T antigen in mouse embryo fibroblasts [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-26476 E-GEOD-26476 Smooth muscle IL-4 receptor activation induces airway hyper-responsiveness [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-9424 E-GEOD-9424 Assessing Statistical Significance in Microarray Experiments Using the Distance Between Microarrays [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-1435 E-GEOD-1435 Transcription profiling of mouse samples subject to two different amplification methods for nanogram amounts of total rna to compare amplification methods [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-19401 E-GEOD-19401 Expression data from murine follicular dendritic cells [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-14004 E-GEOD-14004 RNAi profiling of mouse 3T3-L1 adipocytes knocked down for PPAR gamma returned the expression of most adipocyte genes towards preadipocyte levels [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-11161 E-GEOD-11161 Transcription profiling of mouse neonatal bladder samples. (GUDMAP Series_id: 19) [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-18395 E-GEOD-18395 Expression data from mouse adult fibroblasts with Rb deletion and/or p53DD expression exposed to cisplatin (CDDP) [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-27881 E-GEOD-27881 Effect of ablation of Max gene expression on ES cells cultured under conventional or 2i/Nam condition. [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-17297 E-GEOD-17297 Transcription profiling of mouse granulomatous tissues induced by pristane in resistant and susceptible strains - Mndal, a new interferon-inducible family member, suppresses cell growth and may modify plasmacytoma susceptibility [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-30164 E-GEOD-30164 Transcriptome transfer provides a model for understanding the phenotype of cardiomyocytes [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-28783 E-GEOD-28783 Effect of anti-miR-33 treatment on gene expression in mouse macrophages from atherosclerotic plaques. [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-32903 E-GEOD-32903 Smad4 and Trim33 dependend nodal/activin responsive genes in differentiated mouse ESCs [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-15760 E-GEOD-15760 Comparative transcriptional profiling of tumor-associated and normal lymphatic endothelial cells [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-7309 E-GEOD-7309 Transcription profiling of mouse preimplantation development [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-7528 E-GEOD-7528 Transcription profiling of mouse wild type vs CYP26A1-/- ES cells treated with control or 100 nM RA for 8 or 72 hr. [AE][EV][DE]
E-MEXP-2517 E-MEXP-2517 Transcriptional profiling of mouse non-metastatic and metastatic melanoma cells with and without 5AzaCdR treatment. [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-15741 E-GEOD-15741 Transcription profiling of mouse 344SQ lung adenocarcinoma cells under forced miR-200 expression [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-30419 E-GEOD-30419 Mesenchymal stem cells and neural crest stem cells from adult bone marrow: characterization of their surprising similarities and differences [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-10589 E-GEOD-10589 Transcription profiling of mouse thyroid from Slc26a4 animals vs. heterzygous controls. [AE][EV][DE]
E-MEXP-2512 E-MEXP-2512 Transcriptional profiling of mouse non-tumorigenic melanocytes with and without 5AzaCdR treatment. [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-24789 E-GEOD-24789 Expression data from mouse ovarian surface epithelium cells at different stages of malignancy [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-21568 E-GEOD-21568 Mouse bulge (CD34+CD200+CD49+) versus secondary hair germ (CD34-CD200+CD49+) versus interfollicular epidermis (CD34-CD200-CD49+) [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-26403 E-GEOD-26403 Gene therapy of Mpl -/- mouse LSK cells [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-10216 E-GEOD-10216 Transcription profiling of mouse Emx2 knock-out urogenital epithelium [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-13306 E-GEOD-13306 Retinoic Acid Enhances Foxp3 Induction Indirectly by Relieving Inhibition from CD4(+)CD44(hi) Cells. [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-29083 E-GEOD-29083 Knockout of heterotrimeric signaling G protein beta5 impaires brain development and causes severe neurologic dysfunction in mice [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-18211 E-GEOD-18211 Transcription profiling of mouse embryonic day (E) 11.5 and E12.5 mouse gonadsNew candidate gene identification for controlling mammalian gonadal sex determination [AE][EV][DE]
E-MEXP-2332 E-MEXP-2332 Transcription profiling of embryonic abdominal wall from wild type, Pitx2 heterozygote and Pitx2 mutant mice [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-13235 E-GEOD-13235 Transcription profiling of mouse embryonic stem cells (D3-pOCT-mESC) grown in low concentrations of nitric oxide [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-23496 E-GEOD-23496 Expression data from osteocytes in virgin,lactating and post lactation mice [AE][EV][DE]
E-MEXP-2086 E-MEXP-2086 Transcription profiling of mouse embryonic stem cells with a doxycycline-inducible Xist cDNA transgene introduced into chromosome 3 [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-18010 E-GEOD-18010 Pathogenicity of a disease-associated human IL-4 receptor allele in experimental asthma [AE][EV][DE]
E-CBIL-48 E-CBIL-48 Transcription profiling of mouse Ngn3 expressing cells and endocrine pancreatic cells from wild type and Ngn3 mutant animals at day 15 of embryonic development [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-6789 E-GEOD-6789 Transcription profiling of mouse embryonic fibroblasts from wild type and IRAK-4 kinase dead animals stimulated with IL-1b for different durations to identify IRAK-4 kinase-dependent IL-1b response genes. [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-21755 E-GEOD-21755 Rapamycin effect on Wild Type and TSC deficient Mouse Embryonic Fibroblasts : Time Course [AE][EV][DE]
E-MEXP-2669 E-MEXP-2669 Transcription profiling by array of mouse cell line derived tumors and primary tumors [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-13981 E-GEOD-13981 Global gene expression profiles in Oct4-knockdown and Ccna2-knockdown mouse embryos. [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-10776 E-GEOD-10776 Transcription profiling of mouse parthenogenetic embryonic stem cells and normal embryos to investigate imprinting [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-18771 E-GEOD-18771 Mouse KIAA1718 knockdown ES cells [AE][EV][DE]
E-TABM-1099 E-TABM-1099 Transcriptomic Analysis of Embryonic Mammary Cells [AE][EV][DE]
E-TABM-426 E-TABM-426 Transcription profiling of testis from wild type mice and mice with a Sertoli-specific ablation of Dicer [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-30746 E-GEOD-30746 Expression data from murine Tet-off MLL-AF9/Ras acute myeloid leukemia cell lines following withdrawal of MLL-AF9 [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-16002 E-GEOD-16002 Molecular Events Initiating B Cell Fate Specification [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-17617 E-GEOD-17617 Gene profiling within the orexin-producing neurons [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-16801 E-GEOD-16801 Comparative gene expression analysis of 2 subpopulations of dermal papilla cells. [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-11343 E-GEOD-11343 Transcription profiling of mouse DBA/2J animals with Streptozotocin-induced diabetes treated with rosiglitazone reduces diabetic neuropathy [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-27429 E-GEOD-27429 Expression data at 24 hours after the blocking of Shh signaling in tooth germs at embryonic day 14 [AE][EV][DE]
E-TABM-574 E-TABM-574 Transcription profiling of mouse ES cells treated by varying levels of activated Smad2/3 over time in the presence of protein synthesis [AE][EV][DE]
E-TABM-674 E-TABM-674 Transcription profiling of mouse embyronic stem cells cultured with PI3-K signalling inhibitor LY294002 for different lengths of time to identify PI3K-target genes [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-7767 E-GEOD-7767 Transcription profiling of mouse C57BL6J and DBA2J strains when Chlamydia infected [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-9811 E-GEOD-9811 Transcription profiling of mouse single retinal cells reveals individual retinal progenitor cells display extensive heterogeneity of gene expression [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-31359 E-GEOD-31359 Expression data from mouse EMT-induced and non-induced cells [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-16100 E-GEOD-16100 Hematopoietic Stem Cells Reversibly Switch from Dormancy to Self-Renewal during Homeostasis and Repair [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-9812 E-GEOD-9812 Transcription profiling of mouse developing retinal ganglion and amacrine cells reveals molecular heterogeneity of [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-18061 E-GEOD-18061 MDS and DNA repair defects in Crebbp+/- mice [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-27605 E-GEOD-27605 The intestinal stem cell signature identifies colorectal cancer stem cells and predicts disease relapse [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-17553 E-GEOD-17553 Estradiol or Testosterone treated efferent duct and caput epididymis [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-23009 E-GEOD-23009 Effect of intra-cytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) on gene expression and development of mouse preimplantation embryos [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-6398 E-GEOD-6398 Transcription profiling of heart from Lmna H222P homozygous and control mice [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-7863 E-GEOD-7863 Transcription profiling of mouse mdx skeletal muscle overexpressing Galgt2 [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-17817 E-GEOD-17817 Transcription profiling of mouse cancer associated fibroblasts (CAFs) reveals are activation in incipient neoplasia to orchestrate tumor promoting inflammation in an NF-I?B-dependent manner. [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-7225 E-GEOD-7225 Transcription profiling of mouse cumulus cells from Bmp15-/- and Bmp15-/-Gdf9+/--DM animals [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-23556 E-GEOD-23556 Mx-Cre mediated deletion of SRF in murine hematopoietic LSK (Lin-Sca1+c-Kit+) cells [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-16555 E-GEOD-16555 shRNA profiling and transcription profiling of mouse H441 cells Over-expressing and knocked down for KLF5 [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-25778 E-GEOD-25778 Genome profiling of mouse pulmonary epithelial type II cells [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-11040 E-GEOD-11040 Transcription profiling of mouse E12.5 AV cushion and E17.5 AV valve from wild-type FVB/N mice and in vitro cultured MC3T3 cells [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-22381 E-GEOD-22381 Identification of downstream transcriptional targets of Dlx5 during early mouse inner ear (otocyst/otic vesicle) development [AE][EV][DE]
E-MEXP-2096 E-MEXP-2096 Transcription profiling of mouse E9.5 Tbx1_lacZ positive cells from Tbx1 null and Tbx1 heterozygous embryos [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-8828 E-GEOD-8828 Transcription profiling of mouse cancer stem cells in MMTVWnt-1 murine breast tumors [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-12333 E-GEOD-12333 Transcription profiling of mouse embryoid bodies treated with retinoic acid delivery induces an early streak phenotype in vitro [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-4307 E-GEOD-4307 Transcription profiling of mouse inner cell mass (ICM) from a single cells derived from mouse blastocysts at E3.5 [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-30561 E-GEOD-30561 Expression data from mouse embryonic stem cells lacking the Alkbh1 gene [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-26001 E-GEOD-26001 Microarray gene expression data from Hdh knock-out, wild-type and knock-in embryonic stem cells [AE][EV][DE]
E-TABM-562 E-TABM-562 Transcription profiling of mouse embryonic stem cells to identify genes regulated by STAT3 and NANOG, known differentiation inhibitors [AE][EV][DE]
E-MEXP-2238 E-MEXP-2238 Transcription profiling of mouse embryonic stem cell line CGR8 transfected with control shRNA and shRNA against HP1g in two different developmental stages. [AE][EV][DE]
E-MEXP-2087 E-MEXP-2087 Transcription profiling of mouse embryonic stem cells with a doxycycline-inducible Xist cDNA transgene introduced into chromosome 17 [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-23923 E-GEOD-23923 Expression data from Rad21 knock-down in ES cells [AE][EV][DE]

Dataset list (filtered out) [1266 ds]

signE-GEOD-17497Transcription profiling of mouse acute lymphoblastic leukemia in vivo after allogeneic or syngeneic bone marrow transplantation [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-27261Dmrt1 (doublesex and mab-3 related transcription factor 1) conditional knockout expression analysis of P28 testes [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-21063NFATc1 controls the survival, function and suppressive capacity of B lymphocytes upon B cell receptor stimulation [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-23408Global gene expression profiles and the progression of pro- and anti-inflammatory pathways in mouse models [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-12049Transcription profiling of mouse laminin alpha 2 chain deficient animals vs wild type [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-11291Transcription profiling of mouse heart, brain, and skeletal muscle to determine the rffect of age, calorie restriction and resveratrol on gene expression [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-21829Differential gene expression in adrenal medulla after cardiac pressure overload [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-21278A genomic atlas of mouse hypothalamic development [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-29848Microarray data of differentiating embryonic stem cells overexpressing the transcription factor Msgn1 [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-13873Expression data from murine gastric epithelium [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-31199Down-regulation of cholesterol biosynthesis in forebrains of ERCC1-deficient mice [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-29485Expression data from Mouse embryo [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-23700HOP homeobox (Hopx) and Histone deacetylase-2 (Hdac2) deficiency effect on the embryonic heart [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-15541Linkage of Meis1 leukemogenic activity to multiple downstream effectors including Trib2 and Ccl3 [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-31244Notch1 mediates cell fate decisions in the mouse uterus and is critical for complete decidualization [AE][EV][DE]
signE-MTAB-836Regulatory T and T helper cells from BXD mouse strains [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-10478Transcription profiling of mouse autoimmune and diabetic NOF animals reveals the curative and beta cell regenerative effects of alpha1 antitrypsin treatment [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-8249Transcription profiling of mouse Foxo3 mutant ovaries vs. wild types to discover and classify ovarian fertility factors. [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-8563Transcription profiling of mouse lymphtoxin beta receptor-deficient thymic medullary epithelial cells vs. wild-type and Aire-deficient vs wild-type littermates [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-25574Hypothalamic transcriptome plasticity in two rodent species reveals divergent differential gene expression but conserved pathways [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-19282The Effects of Globin on Microarray-based Gene Expression Analysis of Mouse Blood [AE][EV][DE]
signE-MEXP-2189Transcription profiling of mouse Jardine SIDS Model [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-6223Transcription profiling of mouse embryonic day 14 bladder, urogenital sinus, and urethra. [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-22506Unacylated Ghrelin Rapidly Modulates Lipogenic and Insulin Signaling Pathway Gene Expression in Metabolically Active Tissues of GHSR Deleted Mice [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-15121Expression data from E10 cells with miR-129 over-expression [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-13231Transcription profiling of mouse AKR/J x PyM F1 versus DBA/2J x PyMT tissues to investigate the effect of inherited polymorphism on prognostic gene expression signatures (super series) [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-10587Transcription profiling of mouse stria vascularis from animals lacking Slc26a4 and heterzygous controls before the onset of hearing. [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-15587Identification of Metastasis-prone Lung Adenocarcinoma Cell Population That Is Sensitive to Notch Inhibition [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-30747AML mouse models [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-30744Expression analysis of haploid and diploid ES cells in 2i medium [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-3583Transcription profiling of two different mouse models of Huntington's disease - changes caused by Hdh CAG mutation or 3-nitropropionic acid in striatal cells [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-8564Transcription profiling of mouse ire-deficient and wild-type littermate thymic medullary epithelial cells [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-27987Differential pre-mRNA processing in Crebbp+/- mice [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-23579Gene expression profilings of fetal human and mouse cerebral cortex exposed to alcohol [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-20570Gene profile of PTIP deletion in adult murine cardiac tissue [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-19954Telmisartan Improves Insulin Resistance with Modulating Adipose Tissue Macrophage Polarization in High Fat-fed Mice [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-27816Tet2 loss leads to increased hematopoietic stem cell self-renewal and myeloid transformation [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-27546Effects of HMGN variants on cellular transcription profile [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-21381Germinal center T follicular helper cell IL-4 production is dependent on SLAM receptor (CD150) [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-16067Gene expression analysis in control and HIF-2 alpha deficient murine lung endothelial cells under hypoxia [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-28598Protection from obesity and diabetes by blockade of TGF-beta/Smad3 signaling [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-21155Accelerated leukemogenesis by truncated CBFb-SMMHC defective in high-affinity binding with RUNX1 [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-23119Effect of vitamin A deficiency (VAD) on mouse spermatogonial transcriptome profiles [AE][EV][DE]
signE-MEXP-2911Transcription profiling by array of mouse C57BL/6 and congenic line B strain hematopoietic progenitor cells [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-20398Regulation of chondrogenesis in early murine limb mesenchyme by BMP signals [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-21546The role of Ternary Complex factors in T-cell Positive Selection [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-9161Transcription profiling of mouse 3T3 cells transduced with cyclin D1 splice variants cyclin D1a and D1b [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-10392Transcription profiling of mice [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-8000Transcription profiling of mouse heart samples from individuals with homozygous or heterozygous mutant alleles of Lamin A (LMNA) [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-26355Expression data from early and late born Atoh1 lineages within the E14.5 rhombomere 1 and isthmus [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-21842Physiological Jak2V617F expression causes a lethal myeloproliferative neoplasm with differential effects on hematopoietic stem and progenitor cells [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-20391Comprehensive expression profiling across primary fetal liver terminal erythroid differentiation [AE][EV][DE]
signE-MIMR-441Transcription profiling of mouse embryonic stem cells induced to express the HOXB1 transcription factor under doxycycline tet-on control [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-30852Expression data from Bmi1 mutant versus wild-type lung cells [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-10913Transcription profiling of mouse uterus reveals Bmp2 IS critical FOR THE murine decidual response [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-22180In vitro carcinogenicity testing with Balb/c 3T3 Cells treated with various chemical carcinogens [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-19286Transcription profiling of mouse aorta genes of APOE-deficient animals receiving the ACE inhibitor captopril [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-14361IFNa activates dormant HSCs in vivo [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-18597Expression data from mutant SOD1(G93A) transgenic mice [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-9977Transcription profiling of mouse NIH-3T3 cells treated with mock, interferon alpha or gamma for 1or 3h [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-20335Expression analysis data from large T antigen-immortalized murine embryonic fibroblasts (MEFs) [AE][EV][DE]
signE-MEXP-2743RNAi profiling by array of mouse neural stem cells transfected with Sox2 or Chd7 shRNA constructs [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-6526Transcription profiling of wild type and Hey2 knockout mouse aortic smooth muscle cells treated with PDGF for different durations to identify differentially expressed transcripts. [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-15914Interleukin-7 promotes monocyte/macrophage arrest on endothelial cells [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-21515Expression data from mouse ES and iPS cells [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-28559An expression microarray approach for the identification of candidate metastable epialleles in the mouse genome [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-6595Transcription profiling of mouse 1 and 2 cell cloned embryos [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-4098Transcription profiling of mouse limbal and corneal epithelial basal cells to characterize different gene expression patterns in the two cell types [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-10659Transcription profiling of reduced folate carrier (RFC1-/-) mouse knockouts at E9.5 reveals altered gene expression of the cubulin-megalin complex [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-21143PLAGL2 regulates Wnt signaling to impede differentiation in neural stem cells and glioma [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-27975HL-1 cardiomyocyte response to hypoxia [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-26076Mouse conjunctival forniceal gene expression during postnatal development and its regulation by Kruppel-like factor 4 [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-10192PPAR Controls Gene Expression in MSC Cells [AE][EV][DE]
signE-MEXP-2320Transcription profiling of mouse long-lived S6K1 -/- strain females compared to wild types [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-6399Transcription profiling of mouse heart from Emd KO and controls [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-8683Transcription profiling of mouse 3T3-L1 tissue (preadipocytes) treated with trans-10,Cis-12 conjugated linoleic acid(t10c12 CLA) [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-27451Functions of HDAC1 and HDAC2 in Schwann cells during postnatal [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-17886Gene expression data of BBB and BCB two-cell embryos [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-19181Expression data from macroH2A shRNA lines [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-13409Expression data of Naïve Treg and Tumor associated Treg cells [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-7257Transcription profiling of mouse wild type and Lim1-null renal vesicles microdissected from embryonic day 12.5 kidneys [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-18042Transcription profiling of mouse erythroid differentiation using Gata1 gene-disrupted G1E ER4 clone cells [AE][EV][DE]
signE-MEXP-2586Transcription profiling of mouse Hesx1 mutant and normal anterior forebrain [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-6030Transcription profiling of mouse NeuroD1 knockout pineal glands vs 129 wild types at P0 [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-21836Tob1 is a Constitutively Expressed Repressor of Liver Regeneration [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-11990Gene expression profiling of mouse p53-deficient epidermal carcinoma defines molecular determinants of human cancer malignancy (training dataset) [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-12078RNAi profiling of mouse ES cells knocked down for Ctr9 [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-29081Cerebellar gene expression analysis of Gb5-deficient mice [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-14672Transcription profiling of mouse wild type and Stat5a or 5b knock-out blood cells treated with GM-CSF to induce granulopoiesis [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-14243Transcription profiling of mouse As4.1 cells during treatment with interleukin (IL) or hydrogen peroxide (HP) [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-9978Transcription profiling of mouse Rex-1 knockout cell lines was compared to that of J1 wild type cellsRex-1 knockout cell lines was compared to that of J1 wild type cells in the presence and absence of LIF [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-13583Transcription profiling of mous eliver of the KRAP deficient animals [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-8431Transcription profiling of mouse RARgamma responsive genes in F9 teratocarcinoma cells [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-18617Single-cell gene expression data from Bergmann glial cells of mouse cerebellum [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-25257Expression data from wild-type and Zmpste24-/- mouse embryonic fibroblasts (MEFs) at an early passage (passage 3, P3) [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-6506Transcription profiling of human hematopoietic stem cells vs. differentiated progeny [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-21393Stroke-brain infiltrating stem cells - mouse [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-32223Transcriptional profile of ER71 EYFP positive/negative cells in ER71 WT and MT embryos [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-16705Transcription profiling of mouse Frizzled4 signaling in cultured retinal endothelial cells [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-11206Transcription profiling of mouse blastocyst after embryo biopsy [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-32328Macrophage response to serum in culture medium [AE][EV][DE]
signE-MEXP-667Transcription profiling of Plasmodium berghei-infected hepatocytes at different times post-infection [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-14888Conjugated linoleic acid activates AMPK and reduces adiposity more effectively when used with metformin [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-15640Salivary gland during development and onset of xerostomia in murine model of Sjögren's syndrome-like disease [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-13364Transcription profiling of mouse BWF1 mutants [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-23925Gene expression in germinal center light zone, dark zone, and naïve B cells [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-27402Expression data from WT, HEB-KO and E2A-KO LY6D- CLP cells [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-15433Transcription profiling of human NIH-3T3 fibroblasts stably expressing the coxsackie-adenovirus receptor (CARI?1)) cells were transduced with adenovirus containing empty vector (AdEmpty) followed by addition of vehicle (DMSO) or transduced with adenovirus encoding either full length HA-tagged PPARg2 or A/B-domain deleted HA-PPARgCDE and treated with rosiglitazoneNIH-3T3 fibroblasts stably expressing the coxsackie-adenovirus receptor (CARI?1)) cells were transduced with adenovirus containing empty vector (AdEmpty) followed by addition of vehicle (DMSO) or transduced with adenovirus encoding either full length HA-tagged PPARg2 or A/B-domain deleted HA-PPARgCDE and treated with rosiglitazone reveals the PPARg2 A/B-domain plays a gene specific role in transactivation and co-factor recruitment [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-33513T cell factor 1 is a gatekeeper for T-cell specification in response to Notch signaling [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-10964Transcription profiling of mouse C57BL/6J strain infected with Sendai virus vs. UV irradiated virus to investigate virus-induced airway disease [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-27932FoxOs are lineage-restricted redundant tumor suppressors and regulate endothelial cell homeostasis. [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-16533Expression data from lenses triply deficient for E2F1, E2F2, and E2F3 transcription factors [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-16210Transcription profiling of mouse Naive Treg, allogeneic tumor-activated Treg, and GVHD-activated Treg cells [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-6290Transcription profiling of mouse developing kidney [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-17542VTA neurons show an adaptive transcriptional response to MPTP which differs from SN neurons [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-31099Expression data from treatment-induced senescence in mouse Emu-myc B-cell lymphoma model [AE][EV][DE]
signE-MEXP-1190Transcription profiling time series of kidney, liver and spleen from three strains of mice infected with Trypanosoma congolense to investigate strain differences in susceptibility [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-7831Transcription profiling of mouse immature pDC and pDC activated with CpG 1826 and influenza virus PR8 [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-15999Transcription profiling of mouse pneumonectomy vs. sham treated time course to identify mesenchymal signature of post-pneumonectomy lung regeneration in adult mice [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-15794Gene expression profiles of E13 bladder neck/urethral compartments (GUDMAP Series ID: 25) [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-14929Transcription profiling of mouse myocardium from gnotobiotic wild-type and Ppara-/- animals [AE][EV][DE]
signE-MEXP-3189Murine zymosan-induced peritonitis model [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-21156Expression data from rostral forebrains of wild-type and Fezf1-/- Fezf2-/- mice [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-19836A mouse Embryonic Stem Cell Bank for inducible overexpression of human chromosome 21 genes [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-8960Transcription profiling of mouse knockouts reveals the TLR2/NOD2/RICK signaling axis regulates stimulus-specific IL-10 production [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-19778The soluble intracellular domain of megalin does not affect renal proximal tubular function in vivo [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-19355Silencing of mrhl non coding RNA in mouse spermatoginial cells GC1-Spg [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-17097mRNA composition of IRP2 mRNPs in mouse tissues [AE][EV][DE]
signE-MEXP-565Transcription profiling of mouse liver and kidney from PAR bZip triple knockout mice to wild-type or heterozygous mutant mice to identify genes contributing to the morbidity of PAR bZIP triple KO mice and circadian liver detoxification [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-11870Transcription profiling of mouse primary aortic endothelial cells during expression of dominant negative PPAR gamma (V290M). [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-22527Anti-CD3 therapy permits regulatory T cells to surmount T cell receptor-specified peripheral niche constraints [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-15767Heterogeneity of LN resident macrophage [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-24207mRNA analysis in different mouse tissues [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-6810Transcription profiling of mouse splenocytes response to infection with wild type or virB mutant Brucella strains [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-9763Transcription profiling of mouse transformed glial progenitor cells [AE][EV][DE]
signE-TABM-675Transcription profiling of mouse embryonic stem cell line E14TG2a with transient expression of T-Antigen [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-34206Gene regulation in macrophages from irradiated tumors [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-4866Transcription profiling of mouse cochlea to investigate the role of mtDNA mutations in age-related hearing loss in mice carrying a mutator DNA polymerase gamma [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-9012Transcription profiling of mouse spontaneous liver tumors of Trim24/TIF1a-null animals [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-11680Transcription profiling of mouse high and low exploratory genetically identical animals [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-6589Transcription profiling of mouse developing kidney (GUDMAP Series_id: 12) [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-13547Zfx controls BCR-induced proliferation and survival of B lymphocytes [AE][EV][DE]
signE-TABM-1039Transcription profiling of liver, skeletal muscle and white adipose tissue from ApoE3L mice [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-10202Transcription profiling of striatal samples from 4 CHL2 Q150/Q150 mutant mice and 4 age-matched wild-type mice to investigate the study of huntingtin toxicity and its remedy in model systems. [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-14088E2-RING expansion of the NEDD8 cascade confers specificity to cullin modification [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-17923Gene Expression in White Adipose Tissue of KSR2-/- mice compared to wild type mice [AE][EV][DE]
signE-MIMR-43Transcription profiling of ovarian gene expression in RIP140 wild type, heterozygous and knock out mice [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-20696Expression profiling of 3T3-L1 adipogenesis [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-28025Comparative gene expression analysis of repro9/repro9 and wild type testes from 14 and 17 day mice [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-7342Transcription profiling of mouse embryonic day 13.5 and 15.5 fetal livers lacking p38alpha, a mitogen-activated kinase that controls inflammatory responses and cell proliferation [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-21368Myocardial expression data from ketogenic diet-fed mice [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-10627Transcription profiling of mouse hematopoietic cells (GMP, CMP, CLP and HSC), FACS sorted from wild type and Mll-AF9 knock-ins [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-17478Transcription profiling of mouse model of cardiac failure - particulate matter effect on mouse model of cardiac failure: lung and heart left ventricle [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-23178Expression data analysis in lungs from mice induced for pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH) by inhalation of Stachybotrys chartarum spores [AE][EV][DE]
signE-MEXP-1461Transcription profiling of dicer knock-out nociceptive sensory neurons from mice to investigate the roles of microRNAs in nociception [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-17383Toward a Better Understanding of Potential Roles of Astrocytes in HIV-1-associated Neurocognitive Disorders [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-16390Transcription profiling of human gastric epithelial progenitors to H. pylori isolates from Swedish patients with chronic atrophic gastritis 1 [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-8836Transcription profiling of mouse model of CLL in Em-TCL1 mice provides a biologically relevant model to unravel and reverse immune deficiency in human cancer. [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-5582Transcription profiling of mouse neocortical and cerebellar astrocytes [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-22856Expression data of lung tissues from ICR mice treated with or without single-walled carbon nanotubes (SWCNTs) [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-23014Comprehensive profiling of the early lung immune responses in the mouse model of tuberculosis [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-11667Transcription profiling of mouse oocytes to investigate age-associated increase in aneuploidy and changes in gene expression. [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-12073Transcription profiling of mouse transgenic for Aire expressing pancreatic islets [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-7809Transcription profiling of mouse small intestine interstitial cells of Cajal (ICC) from deep muscular plexus and myenteric plexus [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-30363IKK alpha inactivation impairs early B-lymphopoiesis during hematopoiesis [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-5587Transcription profiling of mouse developing T lymphocytes as a model system for discovery of Egr-dependent target genes [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-8690Transcription profiling of mouse F2 intercross mice generated from arthritis-prone BALB/c and arthritis-resistant DBA/1 mice deficient for interleukin 1 receptor antagonist (Il1rn) [AE][EV][DE]
signE-MEXP-1942Transcription profiling of mouse lung from C57BL6 and DBA2 parental strains and D2.B6-Chr7 and D2.B6-Chr19 congenic mice following aerosol infection with Mycobacterium tuberculosis for 30 and 70 days [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-32078Global gene expression analysis of developing heart in embryos of diabetic mice [AE][EV][DE]
signE-MEXP-2952Transcription profiling by array of mouse epidermis and pancreas following MycERTAM activation at 4 time points [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-30962Primary and secondary CD8 T cells during acute and chronic LCMV infection [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-21902Expression Data from chemical induced tumors obtained from NDR1+/+, NDR1+/- and NDR1-/- mice [AE][EV][DE]
signE-TABM-468Transcription profiling of mouse embryonic fibroblasts from gsn -/- and wild type mice following treatment with bleomycin and staurosporin [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-12430Transcription profiling of mouse conditional knockout of patched (mouse model of medulloblastoma) to investigate the control initiation and progression of murine medulloblastomas resulting from loss of patched [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-6837Transcription profiling of mouse wild type (wt) and Ikbke knockout (Ikke) embryonic fibroblasts (EF) [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-14561Transcription profiling of mouse GPI-deficient bone marrow cells in a mouse model of targeted Pig-a deletion [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-27799Expression data from LSK WT and LSK N1-C+ [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-16655Developmental stage-specific interplay between GATA1 and IGF signaling in fetal hematopoiesis and leukemogenesis [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-30688Gene expression profiles of mouse sentinel lymph nodes (SLNs) in xenotransplanted and non tumor bearing CB17 SCID. [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-22006Medulloblastoma tumors derived from Ptch+/-p53-/- transgenic mouse allografted in nude mice [AE][EV][DE]
signE-MEXP-3500Identification of RNA bound to the TDP-43 ribonucleoprotein complex [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-20636Expression data from OVE26 diabetic mouse kidney [AE][EV][DE]
signE-MEXP-3231Heterogeneity in the hepatic stellate cell population in mouse liver [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-35044Expression profiles of Telomerase+ vs. ALT+ G3 Atm-/-TERT-ER T-cell lymphomas [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-18907Gene expression profiling of pregnant and virgin mouse lung and liver [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-15293Gene expression profiling of temporal lobes of wfs1 deficient mice [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-7759Transcription profiling of mouse facial prominences in the C57BL/6J mouse strain between embryonic (E) day 10.0 and 12.5 [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-7798Transcription profiling of mouse ERa abalated differentiated osteoclasts [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-7773Transcription profiling of mouse thymic T cells - Foxp3-dependent programme of regulatory T-cell differentiation (GEO Super Series0 [AE][EV][DE]
signE-MEXP-1862Transcription profiling of mouse ES cell treated with S. typhimurium [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-16012Gene expression profiles in Elastin (Eln+/-) mouse aorta and aortic valve tissue [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-11018Transcription profiling of mouse inducible BMPR2 mutant vs. controls in lung with and without elevated RVSP [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-29686Coexpression of Normally Incompatible Developmental Pathways in Retinoblastoma Genesis [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-19091Transcriptional profiling of MKK4-depleted cells [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-19194Cbfb/Runx1-repression independent blockage of differentiation and accumulation of Csf2rb expressing cells by Cbfb-MYH11 [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-10813The in vitro expanded CD8+ T cells and its controls [AE][EV][DE]
signE-MIMR-1241Transcription profiling of mouse naive T cells compared to regulatory T cells and activated T-cells induced to express Foxp3 [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-30176Retinoic acid (RA) induction time-course to profile gene expression during mES cell differentiation. [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-19825Transcription profiling of mouse CD8 T cells reveals prolonged IL-2R alpha expression on virus-specific CD8+ T cells favors terminal effector differentiation in vivo [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-6875Transcription profiling of mouse CD4+ T cells expressing Foxp3 FACS isolated from hemizygouse males to investigate development of regulatory t cell precursors in the absence of a functional foxp3 protein [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-8720Cell type specific expression data from Mecp2 null mice [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-10273Transcription profiling of mouse IRF4,8 null pre-B cells treated with ILF7 reveals convergent molecular pathways that induce immunoglobulin light-chain recombination [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-9294Transcription profiling of mouse EOM and TA Sp cells [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-21927Expression data from bone marrow derived- and tumor induced- CD11b+ MDSC [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-34863Expression in IFN-gamma treated control and Atg5-/- macrophages [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-28035Expression data from mouse oral keratinocyte [AE][EV][DE]
signE-MEXP-1979Transcription profiling of pancreatic islets from heterozygous Hnf1a-mutant and wild type mice [AE][EV][DE]
signE-TABM-229Transcription profiling of human kidney treated with aldosterone, canrenoate vs. controls to identify gene products regulated by aldosterone in target cells [AE][EV][DE]
signE-TABM-683Transcription profiling of mouse normal mammary gland epithelial populations: basal/myoepithelial, luminal estrogen receptor negative (ER-) and luminal estrogen receptor positive (ER+) cells [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-19528Effect of c-Myb deficiency on pre-selection DP thymocytes [AE][EV][DE]
signE-MTAB-547FunGenES: UED-LF2: HOXB4 can enhance the differentiation of embryonic stem cells by modulating the haematopoietic niche [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-16679Plag1 overexpression cooperates with Evi1 overexpression and Gata1s mutation in leading to M7 leukemia [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-28031Microarray gene expression profiling of heart failure induced in apolipoprotein E-deficient mice by treatment with rosiglitazone [AE][EV][DE]
signE-TABM-310Transcription profiling of wild type, Atf3(-/-), Ticam1(-/-), MyD88(-/-) and CREM(-/-) murine bone marrow-derived macrophages stimulated with purified Toll-like receptor agonists after 0-48 hours [AE][EV][DE]
signE-JJRD-1Transcription profiling of nodose or dorsal root ganglion visceral sensory neurons from mice infected with N. brasiliensis and/or subjected to environmental stress to determine molecular signatures for post-infective visceral chemosensitivity associated with irritable bowel syndrome [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-29262Functional Plasticity of Regulatory T Cell Function [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-25140Prostate specific Pten deletion, Pten-Smad4 deletion, and Pten-p53 deletion [AE][EV][DE]
signE-MEXP-2610Transcription profiling of Mus musculus genotypes Tdg WT vs. Tdg KO [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-11677Transcription profiling of mouse age-associated clonal expansions of CD8 memory T cells [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-18293Transcription profiling of mouse pneumonic plague model after infection with wild-type Yersinia pestis CO92 and its Braun lipoprotein mutant [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-14906The Gene Expression Analysis in E12.5 Mouse Hearts with GATA4-FOG2 Interaction Loss [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-18991Overexpression of Hoxd4 transcription factor alters transcriptional profiles in mouse chondrocytes at E18.5 [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-6674Transcription profiling of mouse AM-14 B cells stimulated through the B cell receptor (BCR) and/or Toll-like receptors (TLR) [AE][EV][DE]
signE-TABM-673Transcription profiling of mouse embyronic stem cells cultured with PI3-K signalling inhibitor LY294002 to identify PI3K-target genes [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-17316Reprogramming of a B cell line into macrophages [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-24726Gene expression profile of mature plasmacytoid dendritic cells (PDC) after the deletion of transcription factor E2-2 [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-11384Transcription profiling of mouse adipocytes treated with trans-10, cis-12 conjugated linoleic acid activates the integrated stress response pathway in adipocytes (GEO Super Series) [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-19338Expression profiles of villus and crypt layers of large intestine from C57Bl/6, Apc1638N+/-, and p21-/- mice. [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-28261Whole blood gene expression in female Balb/c mice following 2-week Pb exposure and subsequent 2-week recovery period [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-7280Transcription profiling of mouse peripheral T cells subsets: T-N, T-25, T-FN and T-R cells; T-25, T-FN and T-R cells after treatment with IL-2; and T-R cells transduced with empty, PDE3B-expressing or PDE3B(H801A)-expressing retroviral vectors [AE][EV][DE]
signE-MTAB-848Whole lung gene expression from BXD mouse strains [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-35226Systems approach identifies HIPK2 as a critical regulator of kidney tubulointerstitial fibrosis [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-29082Gene expression analysis of non-cerebellar portion of Gb5-deficient mice brain [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-18567Temporal profiling of gene expression in cochleae of wild type and alpha9 null mice [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-9519Transcription profiling of placental trophoblast stem cells time dependent response to hyperosmolar stress [AE][EV][DE]
signE-TIGR-121Transcription profiling by array of mouse treated with Antiotensin II to induce hypertension in either a chronic or acute fashion [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-13074Transcription profiling of mouse ark adapted and light damaged BALBc (albino) retinal pigmented epithelium [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-15129Coenzyme Q10-dependent gene expression in SAMP1 mice tissues [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-8091Transcription profiling and proteomic of mouse early embryonic brain development [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-7852Transcription profiling of mouse fat derived flow sorted Treg cells [AE][EV][DE]
signE-MEXP-1717Transcription profiling of mouse spinal cord from mock-infected and Theilers murine encephalomyelitis (TME)-virus infected animals - time series [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-26037Gene expression analysis in the absence of Creb in Pomc-expressing neurons of the hypothalamus [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-1999Transcription profiling of mouse treated with erythropoietin(EPO) and vehicle (VEH) after hypoxic-ischemic (HI) injury to gain insight into the mechanisms underlying the neuroprotective effects of EPO [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-10026Transcription profiling of human B-cells and mouse NIH-3T3 cells for analysis of RNA synthesis, abundance and decay [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-31280Transcript level in F9 teratocarcinoma WT and RARalpha knockout in presence and absence of all-trans retinoic acid [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-21379Expression Data from WT and Sh2d1a-/- in vivo follicular helper CD4 T cells (TFH) versus non follicular helper CD4 T cells (non-TFH) [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-13149Transcription profiling of mouse C57/B6 multistage liver development [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-33471Paracrine TGFß Signaling Counterbalances BMP-Mediated Repression in Hair Follicle Stem Cell Activation [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-15330Transcription profiling of mouse hematopoietic cells, Ikaros wt and null mutant [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-22824Gene expression in retina and LGN of wild type and Chrnb2-/- mice [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-31028Genome-wide maps of histone modifications unwind in vivo chromatin states of the hair follicle lineage [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-11862Transcription profiling of mouse optic nerves as a model for axonal injury [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-22432TGF-β1 Accelerates Dendritic Cell Differentiation from Common Dendritic Cell Progenitors (CDPs) and Directs Subset Specification Towards Conventional Dendritic Cells [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-21447A global expression switch marks pachytene initiation during mouse male meiosis [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-7357Transcription profiling of Hfe-deficient liver and duodenum in mouse strains with differing susceptibilities to iron loading [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-4756Transcription profiling of mouse rds mutant eye infected with CNTF/rAAV vs. control untreated eye [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-27655Expression analysis of mouse embryonic stem cell (mESC) derived neuronal cell-types [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-10902Transcription profiling of mouse embryonic fibroblasts from FHL2-/- and wild type animals [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-9083Genome-wide expression analysis of Dap12 (Tyrobp)-deficient mouse brain and microglial cells [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-24061MAQC-II Project: Hamner data set [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-11775Transcription profiling of regulatory T cells (Treg) and Effector CD4+ T cells in healthy B6 mice and sick mice with scurfy mutation - Foxp3-deficient Treg cells do not revert into conventional Effector CD4+ T cells but constitute a unique cell subset [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-9037Transcription profiling of mouse bone marrow macrophages from WT and IRAK4 kinase [AE][EV][DE]
signE-MEXP-2658Transcription profiling by array of mouse Col8a1-Col8a2 deficient and wild type mesangial cells stimulated with TGF-beta1 [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-21013Effect of dietary abscisic acid (ABA) supplementation on spleen transcriptome in LPS-challenged mice [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-34208Expression data of mouse ENCCs and mouse embryonic Gut E14.5 [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-21247Network Analysis of Skin Tumor Progression Identifies a Rewired Genetic Architecture Affecting Inflammation and Tumor Susceptibility (carcinomas) [AE][EV][DE]
signE-MEXP-1802Transcription profiling of various mouse cell types [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-9652Transcription profiling of mouse second field myocardium Gata4flox/+ Nkx2-5+/+ (control, n=3), Gata4flox/+ Nkx2-5Cre/+ (Gata4 Nkx2-5 double heterozygous animals reveals GATA4 is a direct activator of Cyclin D2 and is required for proliferation in 2nd heart field-derived myocardium [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-10552Genome wide expression analysis in AtT-20 cells following Dnmt1 knockdown [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-13765lincRNA Expression [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-7324Transcription profiling of mouse bone marrow LSK cells transduced with wild type AML1/ETO or AML1/ETO harboring the W692A substitution in the MYND domain reveals a structural basis for recognition of SMRT/N-CoR by the MYND domain and its contribution to AML1/ETO activity [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-23584The Identification of Genetic Factors Influencing Susceptibility to Staphylococcus aureus Infection in mice susceptible and resistant to S. aureus infection [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-14753Transcription profiling of mouse mammary tumors from K14-cre; ApcCKO/+ vs control mammary glands [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-25166Subcellular expression profiling of the growth cones of retinal ganglion cells (RGC) [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-9566A Transcriptome Database for Astrocytes, Neurons, and Oligodendrocytes [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-18649Molecular Profiling of the Developing Axial Skeleton: A role for Tgfbr2 in the Development of the Intervertebral Disc. [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-9465Transcription profiling of mouse A/J strain exposed to ambient Baltimore particulate matter [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-11796Transcription profiling of human wild type and mutant hepatoma cells botg ligand-activated and -unactivated AHR [AE][EV][DE]
signE-MEXP-420Transcription profiling of effect of icv administration of LPS (4 + 16 hr) on mouse hippocampal and microgial samples [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-27686Accumulating mitochondrial DNA mutations drive premature hematopoietic aging phenotypes molecularly distinct from physiologic stem cell aging [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-29582Expression Data from Toxoplasma gondii Infected Murine Bone Marrow-Derived Macrophages [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-16380Gene expression analyses of C/EBPb knockout in stem/progenitor cell populations [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-9460Transcription profiling of mouse model of osteosarcoma [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-11356Transcription profiling of mouse early and aduly developmental stages [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-11434Transcription profiling of mouse Ventilator-induced lung injury in C57BL\6 strain [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-22773Musashi 2 regulates normal hematopoiesis and accelerates leukemogenesis (LK and MS12-inducible) [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-35106Polysome-bound mRNA during oocyte maturation [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-26390Fibroblast-specific focal adhesion kinase links mechanical force to fibrosis via chemokine-mediated inflammatory pathways [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-7424Transcription profiling of mouse GalT knockout recipient of GalT transducded allo-bone marrow cells after sublethal irradiation [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-18647Gene expression in embryonic intervertebral disc and vertebrae. [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-25029Ionizing radiation in GI tract of Tweak KO mice [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-27516Preclinical Models for Neuroblastoma: Establishing a Baseline for Treatment [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-11922Transcription profiling of forskolin-synchronized NIH3T3 cells to detect rhythmic transcripts [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-6623Transcription profiling of bone marrow hematopoietic stem cells and myeloid progenitors from FoxO deficient mice to investigate the role of FoxO transcription factors as mediators of hematopoietic stem cell resistance to oxidative stress. [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-8969Transcription profiling of mouse Nrf2 knockout caused by ROS-mediated insulin/IGF-1 resistance [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-7657Transcription profiling of mouse model of rheumatoid arthritis - identification of phase-specific arthritis-related genes in mice [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-22150Differentiation of Mammary Tumors by SKI-606 (bostutinib) (gene expression) [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-3822Transcription profiling of wild type and HoxA11 metenephric mesenchyme and ureteric bud from embryonic day 11.5 mice [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-5987Transcription profiling of mouse model of endometrioid ovarian adenocarcinomas by conditional inactivation of the PTEN and APC genes [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-18322Gene Expression Analysis of Ara-C Resistance in AML [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-20684The gene encoding the hematopoietic stem cell regulator CCN3 (NOV) is under direct cytokine control through the transcription factors STAT5a/b. [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-32963Gene expression profile in the developing and adult mouse cochlear sensory epithelia [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-24210Interleukin-35-mediated induction of a novel regulatory T cell population [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-24625Transcriptome in 129sv and Crx-/- pineal gland at ZT (Zeitgeber time) 6 and ZT20 [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-21031Time-series of IL-6 stimulated primary mouse hepatocytes [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-11141Transcription profiling of mouse developing and mature forebrain overexpressing NgR [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-23495Lmnadelta9 mouse gene expression study [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-33101Gene expression profiles in Sirt1/PPARalpha bigenic mice [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-9355Transcription profiling of mouse mammary tumours developed in Wap-Cre;Etv6-NTRK3 mice [AE][EV][DE]
signE-MEXP-1030Transcription profiling of mouse blastocytes produced by different combinations of in vivo/in vitro fertilization and culture to examine the effect of in-vitro fertilization on gene expression and development [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-23600Expression data from sorted Treg cells from WT or motheaten mice [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-9717Transcription profiling of mouse CD71+/Ter-119+ bone marrow erythroid progenitors from Rb-null animals and controls reveals Rb intrinsically promotes erythropoiesis by coupling cell cycle exit with mitochondrial biogenesis [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-20987Gene expression data of BCR-ABL1 transformed B cell precursors from BCL6 wild-type and BCL6 knockout mice [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-14698Microarray Experiments for mice lacking or with the Stat5a and 5b genes in blood cells that were treated w/o CMP [AE][EV][DE]
signE-MEXP-1431Transcription profiling of intestine from wild type and Mdm2 knock-out mice [AE][EV][DE]
signE-MTAB-85Transcription profiling of mouse blastocysts from wild type and sall4 knock out strains [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-6675Transcription profiling of mouse astroglial gene expression program elicited by fibroblast growth factor-2 [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-11220Transcription profiling of mouse developing placenta, with placental and decidual tissues profiled separately [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-24276Fz1Fz2 double knock out mouse palate microarray (E13.5) [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-22007Targeting resistance to Smoothened antagonists by inhibiting the PI3K pathway [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-22925Murine Bone Marrow Stromal Cell Response to Granulocyte Colony-Stimulating Factor [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-10262Transcription profiling of Helicobacter pylori-infected mouse gastric epithelial progenitor and non-progenitor cells. [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-14523A Regenerative Trait in Mice with a Point Mutation in TGFBR1 [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-8863Transcription profiling of mouse mammary tumor-initiating cells [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-8307Transcription profiling of prosaposin deficient mice show molecular alterations precede neuronal deficits [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-26025Sex-specific effects of prenatal stress in 5-Htt deficient mice: towards molecular mechanisms of gene x environment interactions [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-17783Transcription profiling of mouse FACS-purified cortical projection neurons using Affymetrix 430 2.0 microarrays [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-17784Transcription profiling of mouse FACS-purified cortical projection neurons [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-6259Transcription profiling of mouse dendritic subsets in vivo [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-6610Transcription profiling of mouse ventral prostate treated with placebo or RAD001 for 12h, 48h, 6d,9d, and 15d [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-18216Non-targeted effects of low dose ionizing radiation act via TGFβ to promote mammary carcinogenesis [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-13384Comparative analysis of Drd1+ Medium Spiny Neurons and Drd2+ Medium Spiny Neurons [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-3100Transcription profiling of lung from a mouse model of cystic fibrosis fromB6 and Balb strains vs wild type littermates to determine strain specific differences [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-19369Transcription profiling of mouse dendritic cells reveals stimulatory effect of Echinacea purpurea extract on trafficking activity [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-19601Gene expression profiling in murine Smad-deficient CD4+ T cells stimulated with TGF-b [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-8966Transcription profiling of mouse liver to identify gene expression associated with Strain-Specific Ehrlichia chaffeensisa induced Hepatitis [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-4142Transcription profiling of mouse naive B cells vs. antigen-specific plasma, germinal center, and memory B cells after immunization with the T-dependent antigen, NP-CGG, in order to generate a transcriptional profile of self-renewal within the hematopoietic system [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-17994Transcription profiling of mouse spinocerebellar ataxia type 3 (SCA3) transgenic and wild type animals treated with CCI-779 or placebo [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-14270Transcription profiling of mouse cornea from three strains reveal central corneal thickness is a genetic dependent trait among inbred strains of mice [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-10733Transcription profiling of mouse skin, dermis, and epidermis of epithelial activated beta-catenin mutant embryo [AE][EV][DE]
signE-TABM-524Transcription profiling of white adipose tissue from Lldlr-/- and Lldlr-/-Mif-/- mice [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-11898Transcription profiling of mouse primary mesangial cells stimulated with DNA and RNA ligands [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-21861The transcription factors STAT5a/b negatively regulate cell proliferation through the activation of cdkn2b and cdkn1a expression [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-9189Transcription profiling of mouse normal LT-HSC vs ST-HSC [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-19402Gene expression data from hippocampus, striatum, hypothalamus cortex, Drd2-MSNs and Drd1-MSNs in mice [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-6514Transcription profiling of mouse brain during spontaneous sleep and prolonged wakefulness [AE][EV][DE]
signE-MEXP-1623Transcription profiling of skeletal muscle from wild type and mdx mice at three time points [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-10011Transcription profiling of mouse NIH-3T3 cells for tc-, nt- and p-RNA half-life determination [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-17250Transcription profiling of human and mouse hepatocytes to perform a comparative analysis of gene regulation by the transcription factor PPARI?_mouse [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-11982Transcription profiling of mouse WT and E2A-KO bone marrow stem and progenitor cell subfractions. [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-9810Transcription profiling of human and mouse dendritic cell subsets [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-21606Expression profiling of murine neonatal lung tissue from Carm1 knockouts and wild type controls [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-7310Transcription profiling of mouse C57BL6J lung exposed to 2 weeks of cigarette smoke compared to age-matched controls [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-10744Copy number variation and gene expression in the mouse [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-21761A large intergenic non-coding RNA induced by p53 mediates global gene repression in the p53 transcriptional response [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-25908Distinct Protein Degradation Induced by Different Disuse Models of Skeletal Muscle Atrophy [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-13690Transcription profiling of mouse MLL leukemias (whole BM) [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-12948Transcription profiling of mouse after ICN1 overexpression from retroviral vectors were introduced into bone marrow cell - soncogenesis of T-ALL and non-malignant consequences of overexpressing NOTCH1 [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-23200Immunoprotective properties of sertoli cells: potential genes and pathways that confer immune privilege for sertoli cell transplantation and in the testis [AE][EV][DE]
signE-MEXP-2594Transcription profiling of mouse blood from native and Plasmodium berghei induced experimental cerebral malaria untreated or treated with activated charcoal. [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-27972Mouse bone marrow-derived macrophages infected with T. gondii (Type I, RH strain) for 6 hr [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-13796Transcription profiling of mouse model of AML - hierarchical maintenance of MLL myeloid leukemia stem cells [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-25616Liver expression data from lactating QSi5 mice [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-19004Mouse HCC model [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-31004Effects of Nicotine on the Fetal Mouse Palate Development and Transcriptome [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-16195Transcription profiling of mouse joint tissue from C3H and interval specific congenic mouse lines post- B. burgdorferi infection [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-7958Transcription profiling of mouse striatum from 3- and 18-month-old Q92 vs. control animals [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-14242Novel Regulators of Fgf23 Expression and Mineralization in Hyp Bone [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-5202Transcription profiling of mouse macrophages infected with B. melitensis [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-24773Expression data from WT, Crebbp+/- and Ep300+/- bone marrow stroma [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-25645Ebf1 or Pax5 Haploinsufficiency Synergizes with STAT5 Activation to Initiate Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-5124Transcription profiling of mouse rhombomere 4 at E10.5 from knockins of Hoxb1 gene expressing Hox-A1 protein [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-18341Age Dependent Gene Expression Responses to Inhaled Lipopolysaccharide Combined with Mechanical Ventilation [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-9314Transcription profiling of mouse lung with recombinant human soluble PBEFtreatment and ventilator-induced lung injury [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-18551Striatum of Huntington's disease model mice [Affymetrix data] [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-18430Identification of angiotensin II-responsive genes in the kidney [AE][EV][DE]
signE-MTAB-406Comparative transcription profiling of mouse, chicken and zebrafish in the presomitic mesoderms to identify cyclic genes of the segmentation clock [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-24873IL-17-induced NF-kB activation via CIKS/Act1: Physiologic significance and signaling mechanisms [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-23006Transcriptional profiling of a wound healing process in skin and oral mucosa [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-13103Transcription profiling of mouse embryo eye development, specifically optic fissure. [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-23325Differential expression of genes in pancreatic islet of C57Bl/6J on high fat diet [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-8039Transcription profiling of mouse expressing CD30L on T Cells [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-11591Expression profiling of Irgm1-/- (Lrg-47) HSCs [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-11149Transcription profiling of mouse cranial neural crest cells of E11.5 wild type and FAK mutants (valle-affy-mouse-480721) [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-10634Transcription profiling of mouse kidney from Aquaporin-11 knockout effect [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-11224Transcription profiling of mouse developing placenta [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-22094Bone marrow transcriptomal differences between wild type, Fancc-deficient, Fancg-deficient, and doubly deficient (Fancc/Fancg) mice. [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-24489Effect of H11 Kinase/Hsp22 deletion in response to cardiac stress [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-12498Gene expression profiles regulated by Tead2 mutants, Yap, and cell density in NIH3T3 cells [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-9878Transcription profiling of mouse Pax5-/- proB cells transduced with control or EBF retrovirus. [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-18607Type I IFN-signaling following Pneumocystis (PC)-infection and clearance in CD4 T cell-competent mice [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-22125Mouse pancreatic islets during pregnancy [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-22871Expression data from wild-type and PPARalpha-null mice exposed to perfluorooctane sulfonate (PFOS) [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-20100Expression data from primary MEF lacking either HDAC1, HDAC2 or both [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-21525Expression data from testis of day-7 Sohlh1 knock-out mice [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-6291Transcription profiling of mouse multipotent adult progenitor cells (MAPCs), 2 different clones [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-4230Transcription profiling of mouse embryonic kidney in Lim1 conditional mutant mice [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-18914Prepubertal Human Spermatogonia and Mouse Gonocytes Share Conserved Gene Expression of Germline Stem Cell Regulatory [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-19272Genome-wide comparison between IL-17 and combined TNF-alpha/ IL-17 induced genes in primary murine hepatocytes [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-8513Transcription profiling of mouse with human solid tumors eradicated with an intravenously injected light-emitting oncolytic Vaccinia virus [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-14024Transcription profiling of mouse CD8-IGF1R 3T3 cells and 3T3 Vector control treated for 24 h with vehicle or IGF1R inhibitor A-928605 reveals reversal of oncogene transformation and suppression of tumor growth by the novel IGF1R kinase inhibitor A-928605. [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-16777Transcription profiling of hepatic tissues from mice exposed to PB, propiconazole (Pro) or triadimefon (Tri) at tumorigenic exposure levels [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-18500Mast cells in response to some pathogens elicit a transcriptional program devoid of type I IFN response [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-8156Transcription profiling of mouse ovaries from Smad1/5/8 mutant granulosa cell tumor [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-11415Transcription profiling of mouse C2C12 differentiation time series to observe changes between myoblasts and myotubes [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-26502Smad1 and its target gene Wif1 coordinate BMP and Wnt signaling activities to regulate lung development [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-13229Transcription profiling of mouse natural killer (NK) cell subsets defined by CD27 and CD11b expression [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-23895Selenium toxicity but not deficient or super-nutritional selenium status vastly alters the transcriptome in rodents [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-11539Transcription profiling of mouse embryonic lung development: time course (C57BL/6J) [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-18745S1P lyase deficiency disrupts lipid homeostasis in liver [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-13379Application of a translational profiling approach for the comparative analysis of CNS cell types. [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-21137Ultrastructural and transcriptional profiling of neuropathological misregulation of CREB function [AE][EV][DE]
signE-BAIR-13Transcription profiling of skeletal muscle tissue from wild type and RIP140-null mice fed a normal or high-fat diet [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-4774Transcription profiling of mouse branchial arches from Dlx2-/-, Dlx1/2 -/- or Dlx5/6 -/- [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-15610Knockout of the selenocysteine tRNA (Trsp) gene in mouse macrophage [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-27675Expression data from lung tumor and stromal cells of KrasTgfbr2 -/- mouse model [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-2250Effects of irradiation on mouse lung [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-13062The effects of temporally restricted feeding on hepatic gene expression of Cry1, Cry2 double KO mice [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-12993shRNA of mouse C2C12 culture: myogenesis timecourse and shRp58 treatment [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-9199Transcription profiling of mouse parental cell line YAMC, plus bleo/Neo vector control, mp53-expressing, Ras-expressing and mp53/Ras cells reveals a synergistic response to oncogenic mutations defines gene class critical to cancer phenotype [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-11804Transcription profiling ofmouse skeletal muscle - pharmacological regulation [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-11805Transcription profiling of mouse skeletal muscle treated with drugs and excercise traing [AE][EV][DE]
signE-MEXP-2539Transcription profiling in primary mouse hepatocytes discriminates between true and false genotoxic compounds [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-13061Comparative transcriptomic analysis of BA- or BL- [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-7503Transcription profiling of mouse B lymphoma derived A20 cells - effects of JNK on TGF-beta responses of [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-19668Genetic Determinants for Susceptibility to Staphylococcus aureus Infection in A/J and C57BL/6J [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-9371Transcription profiling of mouse vascular tissue from estrogen receptor alpha knockout (ERaKO) and estrogen receptor beta knockout (ERbKO) mice and vs. wild type control, all ovarioectomized treated with 17beta-estradiol pellets vs. placebo [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-17105Transcription profiling of mouse NIH 3T3 cells, cells treated with cytochalasin D, and cells treated with latrunculin B and cytochalasin D - G-actin switch [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-17933Transcription profiling of mouse lung after exposure to 26 chemicals to identify transcriptional biomarkers for predicting lung tumors [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-32681Alterations in gene expression in lacrimal and salivary glands of male NOD mice due to LTBR-Ig treatment relative to control antibody [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-20727Reactive oxygen species induced gene expression changes on dendritic cells [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-29962Nutrient-dependent growth of NIH3T3 and NIH3T3 K-ras cell lines. [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-11222Transcription profiling of mouse placenta at different developmental time points [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-10167Transcription profiling of mouse E8.5 wild-type and 3 E8.5 Tcof1+/- littermate embryos (Treacher Collins Syndrome) [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-9630Transcription profiling of mouse liver during regeneration [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-10954Transcription profiling of mouse lung adenocarcinomas of c-Myc-transgenics [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-21189Mitochondrial DNA mutations induce supression of nuclear encoded mitochondrial Genes in skeletal muscle [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-10239Transcription profiling of mouse effector CD8 T cell subsets [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-32199BMP and Activin treatment of mouse extraembryonic endoderm (XEN) cells [AE][EV][DE]
signE-MEXP-748Transcription profiling of four mouse tissues following acute caloric restriction [AE][EV][DE]
signE-MEXP-1296Transcription profiling of prostate from mice at different stages of JOCK1 prostate cancer progression to identify FGFR1-mediated gene expression changes [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-26151Splitting Function enables Dual Feedback Regulation to Control JAK2/STAT5 Signaling for a Wide Ligand Range [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-30922Chemokines regulate small leucine-rich proteoglycans in the extracellular matrix of the pressure-overloaded right ventricle [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-11687Transcription profiling of fertilized mouse eggs reveals Ca2+ oscillatory pattern in fertilized mouse eggs affects gene expression and development to term. [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-16454Transcription profiling of mouse small intestines [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-13869Transcription profiling of mouse Nxnl1-/- retina [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-34126An Animal Model of Myc-driven medulloblastoma [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-18765The transcriptome of prospectively isolated adult neural stem cells [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-14499Transcription profiling of mouse APP transgenic mouse model of Alzheimers disease treated with BDNF [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-14522Transcription profiling of rat and mouse model of Alzheimers disease after treatment with BDNF [AE][EV][DE]
signE-TABM-253Transcription profiling of ApoE3Leiden mice exposed to varying doses of cholesterol to examine the effects of dietary cholesterol on liver homeostasis in the context of early atherosclerotic lesion development [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-9743Transcription profiling of mouse mutant Dstcorn1 cornea vs. wild type [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-19753Transcription profiling of mouse lung tumor tissue from TI-K (CCSP-rtTA;TRE-KrasV12), TI-KM (CCSP-rtTA; TRE-KrasV12; TRE-Mad2), recurrence (TI-KM) or normal lung tissue (CCSP-rtTA) reveals Mad2-induced chromosome instability leads to lung tumor relapse after oncogene withdrawal [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-34189Neural invasion induces cachexia via astrocytic activation of neural route in pancreatic cancer [AE][EV][DE]
signE-MEXP-3216p16INK4a-deficiency promotes macrophages from classical to alternative activation [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-7150Transcription profiling of mouse Inhba flox/- Inhbb-/- Amhr2cre/+ activin-deficient granulosa cells vs. wild type [AE][EV][DE]
signE-MEXP-1371Transcription profiling of mouse T-cell thymocytes and bone marrow-derived macrophages dervied from Upf2fl/fl;LysMCre and Upf2fl/fl;LckCre mice to test the importance of nonsense-mediated mRNA decay on global transcription [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-18800Transcription profiling of mouse - effect of PGF receptor FP on bleomycin-induced pulmonary fibrosis [AE][EV][DE]
signE-MEXP-1313Transcription profiling of mouse cerebellum cells containing expanded or normal CAG trinucleotide repeats in the coding region for TATA-binding protein (TBP) [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-9132Transcription profiling of mouse adipose tissue from lipodystrophic mice [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-20645The difference of gene expression in mouse OPCs in normothermic and hypothermic culture [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-24637Genetic and genomic analysis of hyperlipidemia, obesity and diabetes using TALLYHO x C57BL6 F2 mice [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-7875Transcription profiling of mouse PKBalpha-/-thymus reveals deletion of PKBalpha/Akt1 affects thymic development [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-4758Transcription profiling of mouse substantia nigra from wild type mice and mice overexpressing human aSYN, human hsp70 and aSYN / hsp70 to investigate synucleiopathies [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-13064Effects of extensive fasting on hepatic transcription [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-18136Punctual ablation of Foxp3+ T cells unleashes an autoimmune lesion [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-19684Atoh1 inhibits neuronal differentiation and collaborates with Gli1 to generate medulloblastoma-initiating cells [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-26912Inflammation driven by tumor-specific Th1 cells protects against B-cell cancer [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-14891Transcription profiling of mouse LPS-stimulated macrophages from wild-type and Zc3h12a-/- knockouts [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-17794Expression data from B6C3F1 mice treated with 2-butoxyethanol [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-7196Transcription profiling of mouse hearts from mutants lacking estrogen-related receptor alpha (ERRalpha), a nuclear receptor [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-11918Transcription profiling of mouse IFN producing killer dendritic cells [AE][EV][DE]
signE-MEXP-962Transcription profiling of hippocampi from wild type and alpha-CaMKII+/- mice [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-4193Transcription profiling of mouse germline during spermatogenesis reveals X and Y occupy a novel compartment in the post-meiotic spermatid and adopt a non-Rabl configuration [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-13302Transcription profiling of mouse fetus exposed to lung and liver of Perfluorooctane sulfonate (PFOS) [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-28093Expression profile of OPC senescence [AE][EV][DE]
signE-MEXP-3341Eda targets [AE][EV][DE]
signE-MEXP-878Transcription profiling time series of mouse hippocampal neuronal cultures during development [AE][EV][DE]
signE-MEXP-928Transcription profiling of mouse epidermal cells sorted into three populations based on alpha 6 integrin, CD34 or Sca-1 surface marker expression [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-9786Transcription profiling of mouse wild-type and PPARalpha-null mutants response to PFOA [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-5037Transcription profiling of mouse laser dissected motor neurons from neuron and spinal cord smaples from SOD1 mice [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-31702CD4+ T cell gene expression in B6 vs B6.Sle1c2 mice [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-23421The immunoregulatory effect of macrophage-specific PPAR gamma deficiency on experimental inflammatory bowel disease [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-18281Spatial mapping of thymic stromal microenvironments reveals unique features influencing T lymphoid differentiation [AE][EV][DE]
signE-MEXP-1325Transcription profiling of mouse wild type or mir-155 dificient B cells after stimulation with LPS and IL4 [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-19687shGFP- and shQk-transduced Ink4a/Arf-/- Pten-/- primary mouse astrocytes [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-9471Transcription profiling of mouse prefrontal cortex of C57Bl/6J mice at Zeitgeber Time (ZT) 3, 9, 15, and 21. [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-18460Transcription profiling of mouse dendritic cells treated with Lactobacillus acidophilus to investigate the induction of virus immune defense genes [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-16629Gene expression of RonTK-/- mammary glands compared to RonTK+/+ controls during development [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-7596Transcription profiling of mouse T cells transfected with constituatively actived Akt vs controls reveals AKT regulates de novo induction of Foxp3 [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-9975Transcription profiling of mouse NIH-3T3 cells treated with interferon alpha or gamma [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-29766Developmental profiling of spiral ganglion neurons reveals insights into auditory circuit assembly [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-12998Comparative transcriptomic analysis of BA- or BL- associated murine colonic epithelium after O157 infection [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-7676Transcription profiling of mouse protocadherin 12 knockout [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-17509Transcription profiling of mouse spleen from animals exposed to Ebola virus reveals reduced levels of protein tyrosine phosphatase CD45 protect mice from the lethal effects of Ebola virus infection [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-10422Transcription profiling of mouse lymph node derived B cells from Traf2 and Traf3 B cell knockout mice and Baff tg mice [AE][EV][DE]
signE-TABM-755Transcription profiling of infiltrating macrophages from injured muscles of Cebpb promoter mutant mice [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-8512Transcription profiling of mouse mouse bone marrow macrophages from a strain intercross [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-6980Transcription profiling of mouse multiple myeloma tumors and splenic B cells from transgenics overexpressing XBP-1s [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-22969MYST4 (QKF/KAT6B/MORF) transcriptional targets in the adult dorsal cortex and E12.5 embryonic dorsal telencephalon [AE][EV][DE]
signE-MEXP-2925Identification of the epithelial progenitor niche for the Merkel cell lineage [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-9024Transcription profiling of mouse v-abl-transformed pre-B cells were treated with 3 uM STI571 for 48 hours [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-21444Expression profiling of murine DCIS and invasive ductal breast carcinoma [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-13386Comparative analysis of Drd1+ Medium Spiny Neurons, Drd2+ Medium Spiny Neurons, cocaine treatment [AE][EV][DE]
signE-MEXP-2348Transcription profiling of mouse embryonic fibroblast at 72h and 96h after Mat1 deletion [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-24461Comprehensive proteomic and transcriptomic characterization of hepatic expression signatures affected in p14 liver conditional knockout mice [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-23780A Novel Statistical Algorithm for Gene Expression Analysis Differentiates PXR-Dependent and Independent Mechanisms of Toxicity [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-7050Transcription profiling of mouse LckCre, CD4Cre-Ctnnbex3 mutants before and after T-cell transformation reveals stabilization of b-catenin induces lymphomas [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-24614Variegated gene expression caused by cell-specific long-range DNA interactions [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-11287Transcription profiling of mouse liver from conditional Keap1 knockout mice vs. genetic control mice [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-12956Arx acts as a key selector gene of the ventral telencephalon mainly through its repression transcriptional activity [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-14997Expression data from young and adult mice after over expression of self MHC class l protein in skeletal muscle. [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-15733Transcription profiling of mouse D44highCD62L-CD25- CD4+ T cells of murine (C57BL/6 mice) bone marrow were compared to those of the spleen [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-9043Dap12 microglia [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-25088PPARg and IL-4-induced gene expression data from wild-type and STAT6 knockout mouse bone marrow-derived macrophages [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-11859Transcription profiling of mouse with Hedgehog-induced medulloblastoma reveals oncogenic Hedgehog signaling promotes medulloblastoma from lineage-restricted granule cell progenitors [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-31049Circadian temporal profiling of MMH-D3 hepatocytes [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-13227Transcription profiling of mouse thymus from AKR/J x FVB/NJ F1 versus DBA/2J x FVBF1 reveals 20-fold difference in mammary tumor metastatic capacity, due to differences in inherited polymorphisms. [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-30745Expression data from murine acute myeloid leukemia (AML) cells following shRNA-mediated suppression of Myb [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-14833Expression data from different stages of hematopoietic cells development [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-28687Defective K-Ras Oncoproteins Initiate Cancer In Vivo and Evolve to Overcome Impaired Effector Binding [AE][EV][DE]
signE-MEXP-1470Transcription profiling of mouse osteocyte MLO-Y4 cells treated with low doses of the nitrogen-containing bisphosphonates alendronate and risedronate [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-12507Transcription profiling of human pDC cell line [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-4481Transcription profiling of mouse tibia from E15.5 day cultured in minimal media in the presence of vehicle, BSA/HCl (1mM), or C-type natriuretic peptide, CNP (10-6M) reveals C-type natriuretic peptide regulates endochondral ossification through p38 MAP kinase-dependent pathways_2 [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-12908Gene expression following miR-30a knockdown in bipotential mouse embryonic liver (BMEL) cells [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-14308Methylation profiling of mouse T cells reveals epigenetic mechanisms underlie t cell plasticity [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-10904Transcription profiling of mouse wildtype and alb/cre liver-conditional Pdss2 knockouts [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-13385Translation profiling time series of mouse Drd1+ medium spiny neurons, Drd2+ medium spiny neurons and whole brain [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-9198Transcription profiling of mouse long or short term hematopoietic stem cells and the proto-oncogene Pbx1 (GEO Super Series) [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-18308FoxOs cooperatively regulate diverse pathways governing neural stem cell homeostasis [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-18534Mouse small cell lung cancer model [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-8788Transcription profiling of mouse Trib1-deficient animals vs controls [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-15452Expression data from lung of mice bearing mutations of FGFR3 and FGFR4 [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-11662Transcription profiling of mouse after ventilator-induced lung injury: role of Akt signaling [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-13585Transcription profiling of mouse liver and brown adipose tissue from KRAP deficient mice [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-7333Transcription profiling of mouse hearts from wild type and miRNA-1-2 knockout mutants at postnatal day 10 to provide insight into the role of miRNA-1-2 in cardiac development [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-3621Transcription profiling of HD R6/1 transgenic mouse line brain hemispheres, time series [AE][EV][DE]
signE-MEXP-1622Transcription profiling of mouse dorsal root ganglia after diphtheria-toxin deletion of the Nav1.8-expressing cells using the cre/loxP system [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-33656Gene expression in articular cartilage - subchondral bone of FRZB knockout mice [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-18344The Transcriptome of Nrf2-Deficient Mice in Cigarette Smoke-Induced Emphysematous Changes [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-7685Transcription profiling of mouse growth plate chondrocyte differentiation yields insight into endochondral ossification [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-12464Transcription profiling of mouse Itk-deficiency using CD3+ T-cells [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-15155Gene profiling of quiescent and activated skeletal muscle satellite cells by an in vivo approach [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-29949Gene expression comparison among spleen dendritic cells, brain microglia, brain dendritic cells and bone marrow monocytes [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-22040Gene expression data from somites of E9.5 mouse embryos [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-16902Expression data from mouse gastric tumor models [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-25765Microarray gene expression profiling of cardiac genes at the onset of heart failure [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-21716Hepatic xenobiotic metabolizing enzyme gene expression through the life stages of the mouse [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-12432Microarray data of prepubertal, peripubertal, and adult oocytes, and from GV and MII oocytes matured in vivo or in vitro [AE][EV][DE]
signE-TABM-102Transcription profiling of wild type and ATF3 -/-mouse bone marrow macrophages stimulated with lipopolysaccharide for 1, 2, 4, 8 and 24 hours [AE][EV][DE]
signE-TABM-778Transcription profiling of mouse esophageal squamous cells after zinc-deficient or zinc-sufficient diet [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-8684Transcription profiling of mouse 3T3-L1 adipocyte tissue culture treated with cis-9,trans-11 conjugated linoleic acid(c9t11 CLA) [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-11201Transcription profiling of mouse developing liver compared both to normal adult liver and non-hepatic embryonic tissues [AE][EV][DE]
signE-MEXP-2249Transcription profiling of livers of adult UPF2 null mice in response to partial hepatectomy [AE][EV][DE]
signE-MEXP-1406Transcription profiling of mice with diet-induced obesity, hypercholesterolemic mice treated with LNA-antimiR, LNA control or saline control for six weeks [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-18742Increased Expression of Angiogenic Genes in the Brains of Mouse Meg3-null Embryos [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-10263Transcription profiling of mouse striatal samples from wildtype, Hdh/Q80 animals [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-13129Transcription profiling of mouse B16-F10 melanoma cells transfected with FoxD3 [AE][EV][DE]
signE-MEXP-710Transcription profiling of human cholinergic SN56.B5.G4 cells treated with beta-amyloid or hydrogen peroxide [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-16496Expression profile of adult mouse 51 CNS regions [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-20547A53T-ë±-synuclein overexpression mouse model signaling and striatal synaptic plasticity [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-7012Transcription profiling of mouse C2C12 myoblast cell line to identify oscillatory genes in somitogenesis [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-7054Transcription profiling of human mesenchymal stem cell model to identification of oscillatory genes in somitogenesis [AE][EV][DE]
signE-MEXP-1176Transcription profiling time series of mouse hepatocytes following treatment with growth factor beta 1 [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-17266Expression data from B6C3F1 mice treated with baclofen [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-23833The Forkhead factor FoxQ1 influences epithelial differentiation [AE][EV][DE]
signE-MEXP-704Transcription profiling of mouse primary dermal fibroblasts treated with DNA demethylating agent 5-aza-2-deoxycytidine and sorted by X-chromosome-linked GFP expression [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-13948Transcription profiling of mouse after antagonism of microRNA-122 by systemically administered LNA-antimiR [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-22935Arginine utilization following mycobacteria infection in macrophages is dependent on autocrine-paracrine signaling [AE][EV][DE]
signE-MEXP-1709Transcription profiling of liver from Hnf1a-deficient and wild type mice [AE][EV][DE]
signE-MEXP-2692Transcription profiling by array of mouse kidney from Slc4a5 knock-out and wild type mice [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-8681Transcription profiling of mouse 3T3-L1 adipocyte tissue culture treated with CLA [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-31208Expression data of MCK conditional frataxin knock-out mice [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-8025Transcription profiling of mouse colon in a mouse model of infectio