TiddlyWiki - personal web-based notebook

Taking notes with pen and paper is nice, but unless you are very disciplined, you might have hard time finding a note you have written some time ago.

I am using an electronic notebook solution TiddlyWiki and I suggest you to try it out. This is very easy, but to make your life even easier, I have prepared versions with a tutorial included and with several useful plugins installed already (search and tag and latex). All you have to do is to follow these 5 steps:
  1. Download the zip-file
  2. Uncompress it to any folder on your computer
  3. Open the notebook file mynotes.html with your favourite browser
  4. Read the 5-minute tutorial
  5. That's it
I have prepared several alternative downloads for you, choose any one you like (if hesitating, then choose the first one):
tiddlywiki_biit_math_wfonts.zip13 MBTiddlyWiki + tutorial + search and tag and LaTeX plugins (jsMath image fonts included)
tiddlywiki_biit_math.zip4 MBTiddlyWiki + tutorial + search and tag and LaTeX plugins (no fonts included, jsMath fonts must be installed in your computer)
tiddlywiki_biit.zip156 KBTiddlyWiki + tutorial + search and tag plugins
tiddlywiki_empty.html393 KBTiddlyWiki (empty official version)