2007 BIIT calendar

Events, travels, meetings important to BIIT in reverse chronological order.

BIIT: Additionally, there is our groups shared Google calendar. Please update both.


Dec 20
CS Depatment Christmas party
Dec 18-20
Phaedra Agius visit to Tartu. Open lecture.
Dec 12-13
TÜMRI (IMCB) - annual conference
Talk: (Priit Adler) -
Dec 10-13
Software enigneering conference (Atlantis conf center, Tartu)
Dec 1
KEGGanim paper was published by Bioinformatics
Nov 24-26
FunGenES Embryonic stem cells conference in Heidelberg (Raivo, Jaak, Jüri)

Talk: (Jaak Vilo) FunGenES consortium data analysis environment

Poster (Raivo Kolde) FunGenES consortium data analysis environment

Leopold Parts's work in BIIT in 2006 has payed off with
two papers in Nature and one in Genome Research. Congratulations!
[Press release, Pressiteade, Postimees]
Nov 19-21
EKKTT conference in Tallinn (Jaak, Maarika, Reina)

Talk: (Jaak Vilo) Overview of the EKKTT Programme

Talk: (Jaak Vilo) Overview of the progress of the information retrieval project

Nov 4-10
Nathalie Billon visits Tartu (FunGenES)
Nov 1-5
Genome Informatics 2007, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, New York, USA (Jüri, Hedi)

Talk: Reimand, J. Graph-based methods for mining functional and regulatory modules from heterogeneous data

Talk: Peterson, H. MEM (Multi Experiment Matrix)—Web tool for global expression analysis

Poster: Peterson, H. Regulatory SNPs in S. cerevisiae—Characterization and analysis

Nov 1-2
ENFIN-PRIDE workshop at the EBI (Jaak, Priit)
Research topics for BSc and MSc students for 2007/2008 have been proposed
Oct 30
SME / ENFIN workshop at the EBI, Cambridge, UK (Jaak, Priit)
Oct 26--27
Estonian Human Genetics annual meeting at Pärnu (Meelis, Lemps, Raivo, Hedi, ..)
Oct 21--26
The Analysis of Patterns in Bertinoro, Italy (Jaak, Ilja, Kostja, Kristo)

Lecture (4h): Jaak Vilo - Pattern discovery in Bioinformatics

Oct 14-19
EMBO micorarray analysis course at EBI (Priit, Darja)
Oct 14-19
Visit by Dr. Hélène Boeuf (lab, descr) of FunGenES
Oct 7-11
Visit by Mike Storm from Bath University (FunGenES)
Oct 1
COBRED: Meeting in Marseille (Jaak and Liina)
September 27--28
Bioinformatics (& Biotech) department autumn seminar at Toila (Priit, Raivo, Maarika, Hedi)
September 25, Tue, 2pm: Eesti teaduste Akadeemia
Seminar sarjast Teaduse uued suunad –
Arvutiteadus ja arvutusteadus” (Jaak Vilo: Bioinformaatika)
September 14-15
Finnish Bioinformatics Society - visit to Tartu (all!)
August 26--30
ESSCaSS summer school in Lepanina (mostly all!)
August 19--25
Baltmob Course Tallinn (Kostja, Hedi)
August 15 2007 -- February 15 2008
Jüri @ EBI/Cambridge/UK : Marie Curie exchange project with Nicholas Luscombe
July 19 - July 27
ISMB-2007 in Vienna (9 people)
July 16 - July 19
Visit to Biocrates in Innsbruck (COBRED) (Jaak, Jüri, Dan)
g:Profiler paper was published by NAR.
June 30
Chromosomes, chromatin, epigenetics - minisymposium at Palmse (Hedi)
June 12-14
BIIT and Quretec joint scientific seminar and group retreat at Kiidi (All)
June 3-10
Nathalie Billon visit to Tartu and BIIT
May 28 - June 1
Summer School on Algorithmic Data Analysis in Helsinki (Darja, Meelis)
May 11-12
ICT Doctoral School meeting in Viinistu (Jaak, all PhD students)
May 4-6
Schola Biotheoretica - Theoretical Biology Spring School
April 24-28
Advanced Course on Systems Modeling in Berlin (Jüri, Hedi)
April 15-17
FunGenES annual general meeting, Edinburgh (Jaak, Raivo)
April 12-13
ENFIN WP5 workshop in Thessaloniki (Jaak, Hedi)
March 29 - 30
COBRED kick-off meeting in Paris (Jaak, Jüri, Dan, Liina)
March 6th .. May 31th
Hedi in Uppsala at LCB
March 14 - 15
Helsinki - Bioverkko, Biomedicum, Biobank group - presentations (Jaak)
February 25 - March 4
SysBioMed Winterschool in Tenerife (Maarika, Hedi, Jüri)
February 22 - 23
ATD project annual, last, meeting in Paris (Jaak, Meelis)
February 18-24
Bioinformatics for systems and synthetic biology winterschool in Bologna (Maarika, Priit, Marion)
February 9 - 11
Molecular biology winter school at Jäneda (Maarika, Hedi, Kostja)
February 7 - 8
Computer Science Department - annual conference, Taagepera (Jaak + many ?)
January 31-Feb 2
ENFIN 2nd AGM meeting in Paris (Jaak, Hedi)
January 26 - 28
Theory Days at Rõuge (Meelis, Konstantin, Kristo)
January 19-26
ECCB meeting in Eilat, Israel (Jaak)
January 9
Keelefoorum (Kumu, Tallinn; Jaak)
January 8
Kristo Tammeoja - Semester work - defence