buf_detect_click(X, Y)
Starts fast mode in which picture objects are not stored. Command detect_click_result returns the object which contained the point.

Starts fast mode in which picture is drawn on the fly (objects are not stored). Commands output_raw_gif and file_gif allow later to output the image.

Starts fats mode in wihch picture is drawn on the fly (objects are not stored). Commands output_raw_gifanim and file_gifanim allow later to output image.

Starts fast mode in which picture is drawn on the fly (objects are not stored). Commands output_raw_png and file_png allow later to output the picture.

Starts fast mode in which image is output on the fly to std. ouput. To finish writing, command finish_raw_svg has to be called.

Starts fast mode in which picture is drawn on the fly. Later command output_svg_file finishes file writing.

Outputs all object in SWOG to std. output

detect_click(X, Y)
Returns objects which contain the point X,Y. It returns only those objects, which have a name or link associated with. Function returns a array, whose elements are in form:
(object_name, link, alt,\@childs)
And array childs elements are in the same format.

Returns objects which were detected after command buf_detect_click.
See also: detect_click

Takes for argument a line of SWOG code. The function is useful, when one needs to add some details to existing SWOG picture, for example to mark a mouse click.

Adds suffix .gif and stores image to GIF file.

file_gifanim(temp directory, file name, keepGifs)
Outputs .gif animation to a file. To create animation temporary .png files are created and program convert joins them to animation.

Saves html clickmap to the given file.

Outputs png image to the given file, .png suffix is added to filename.

Appends .svg suffix and stores image in SVG format in the givn file. SWOG needs Perl module XML::Writer to output SVG.

Finishes outputting SVG.

Returns HTML clickmap, in HTML page it has to be placed between <map name="">tags</map>

Returns dimensions of the image in pixels.

Allowes to access object parameters. The functions returns a hash, whose entries depend on current object type. Most object types have:
alt alt text associated to the object
affine name of coordinates transformation object, which is used drawing the object
belongsToObject name of the parent object to which the object belongs.
data object attribures array (coordinates, color..)
link the link associated with the object
type object type

Outputs HTML clickmap to std. output.
See also: html_clickmap

Outputs gif image to std. output.

output_raw_gifanim(temp directory, keepGifs)
Outputs GIF animation to std. output.

Outputs png image to std. output.

Outputs SVG image to std. output. SWOG uses Perl module XML::Writer to create SVG.

Finishes writing to SVG file, which was started by command buf_svg_to_file.

Reads SWOG commands from a file.

Reads commands from text buffer. The command is needed when You are creating SWOG code from a program.

Returns the SWOG version.