- 37: bugfix: graphviz SVG created double images, SVG didn't work for 
- 36: added support for twopi fro graphviz
- 35: fixed speed issue bug: now filledRect instead of fill for image 
- 34: fixed gifsicle bug, which didn't let to specify different frame 
- 33: added undocumented gifsicle for better gifanimations
- 32: addes setCoordsys, setAxisCoords and mirror commands
- 31: added fdp support to graphviz
- 30: fixed bug for graphviz, which placed html clickmaps in wrong places when image was not in 0,0
html clickmaps output circle, when possible (before always polys)
- 29: graphviz may also contain objects, which are  escaped by ""
- 28: html clickmap coordinates are now rounded to integers (Opera 
didn't work for decimals)
- 27: grahviz objects block may also be reteated and placed everywhere
- 26: added arguments in style [map_arg] where arg will be added to html clickmap
- 25: made frects command syntax faster
- 24: some fixes with axis drawing (small scale values did cause infinite loops and were not shown well)
- 23: lest memory usage on image command
- 22: in html clickmap instead of "alt" it is better to use "title" 
- 21: fixed last bug
- 20: one more fix for init_swog
- 19: init_swog also clears objects defined with defObject command
- 18: added command frects
- 17: now it is possible to leave gif anim frames undeleted
- 16: temp fix to make colorSet more random
- 15: added gradient command and yet undocumented colorSet
- 14: fixed gnuplot svg output, to imagemap added "alt" even to those link, 
whose alt is empty
- 13: added gnuplot and graphviz svg output and documented file_html command
- 12: files are written in binmode (needed for Windows)
     graphviz supports node clicks detection
- 11: 
- readded #endInput command to finish SWOG.pl input mode
- 10: Added chech to newSECorner command, which checks that image 
dimensions are positive
- 9: Fixed bug in SWOG.pl, which caused --toHtml to output svg (just a 
note) and temporary removed buf_html method (it turned out that it was 
not implemented)
- 8: addded Grapviz support (only png)
- 7: a little code revisioning, minor fixes and optimizations
for example a GOST swog file (216 KB) in fast mode: 8.05 => 6.79 s,
in normal mode: 7.54 => 6.74 s
- 6: added gnuplot support
- 5: major change: from know on setLineThickness not only makes line 
thicher, but also makes the line longer. 
- 4: bixed bug: SWOG did not report when read image file was incorrect
- SWOGConfig.txt inteprets '//' as directory, where SWOG.pm resides
- support for mimetex
- major speed optimizations, fixed bug which made fast mode to use too 
much memory, added command dots, made fast mode useable from SWOG.pl 
- added #endInput command to finish SWOG.pl input mode
- when SWOGConfig.txt is not in the current directory, it 
is tried to find it in the same directory where SWOG.pm resides.
Older changes (in Estonian):
1. m�rts obj_swog_2.tar: toimib keerutamine ja ka objektide 
defineerimine, aga asi on ebastabiilne.
9. m�rts obj_swog_3.tar: palju parandusi, aga ikka veel ei ole piisavalt 
11. m�rts lisandus pildi lisamine
12. m�rts kliki tuvastus sai viimase lihvi ja palju muud
18. m�rts dokumentatsiooni uuendused
21. m�rts obj_swog_4.tar enam-v�hem stabiilne PERL (puudulik SVG)
17. aprill obj_swog_5.tar to_gif,output_raw_gif uued nimed on 
to_gifanim,output_raw_gifAnim, ka pisiparandused ja -lisandused
1. mairasterpiltide lisamine korda, muud parandused, SVG on veel poolik, 
seet�ttu uut versiooni ei teinud
10. maiParandasin vea, kus n�iteks rect 10,10 1 1 joonistas 2x2 pikslise 
ristk�liku (n��d joonistab ikka �hese)
11. maiParandasin 10.mai viga, n��d on nii, et 0 pikkune joon on �he 
piksline, samuti 1 pikkune joon 
22. mai Lisandus skript SWOG.pl. Uus versioon obj_swog_6.tar
31. mai Parandatud vead: /{ teksti kirjelduses kuvatakse koos /-ga; SVG 
fondi seadmine ei toiminud korralikult (uut versiooni pole v�lja lastud)