Welcome to Embryonic Stem Cell Database!

Embryonic Stem Cells Database (ESCD) collects human and mouse embryonic stem cell related datasets. These datasets cover perturbation (both knock-down and overexpression) and chromatin immunoprecipitation (ChIP) experiments in embryonic stem (ES) and carcinoma (EC) cell lines. Transcription factor binding data comes from various ChIP experiments (ChIP-PET, ChIP-chip, ChIP-seq).

The ESCD is meant for describing gene behaviour in a large set of Embryonic Stem Cell expression and transcription factor binding experiments. This website enables gene based queries and also allows to search for genes with a specific behaviour in selected datasets.

Datasets originate from various array and genome version platforms and are linked using Ensembl gene IDs and gene names.

Many genes have alternative gene names and we use a file composed by NalaPro Tech.& modified by K. Ono from http://chianti.ucsd.edu/kono/genenamemapping.html (downloaded 25.10.2009) to enable flexible queries with alternative gene names (e.g. Oct4 or Pou5f1)

First paper covering ESCD has been published in PlosOne May 22nd 2010
See A Data Integration Approach to Mapping OCT4 Gene regulatory Networks Operative in Embryonic Stem Cells and Embryonal Carcinoma Cells by Jung & Peterson et al

This work is collaboration between the labs of: Dr. Adjaye at Max Planck Institute (Berlin) & Dr. Vilo at the University of Tartu and QureTec