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P. Adler, R. Kolde, M. Kull, A. Tkatšenko, H. Peterson, J. Reimand and J. Vilo: Mining for coexpression across hundreds of datasets using novel rank aggregation and visualisation methods (2009) Genome Biology [abstract]
R. Kolde, S. Laur, P. Adler and J. Vilo: Robust rank aggregation for gene list integration and meta-analysis (2011) Bioinformatics [abstract]
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1 NANOG 1.1 1429388_AT [e!](NANOG-PS1) Nanog pseudogene 1 .. 1 more annotations
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E-GEOD-9954 E-GEOD-9954 Large-scale analysis of the mouse transcriptome [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-10246 E-GEOD-10246 GNF Mouse GeneAtlas V3 [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-3653 E-GEOD-3653 Inducible Ngn3 Embryonic Stem Cells [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-8128 E-GEOD-8128 E14 ES cells and Embryoid bodies [AE][EV][DE]
E-MEXP-1518 E-MEXP-1518 Murphy Tissue Panel [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-6689 E-GEOD-6689 Expression data during stem cell differentiation [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-8024 E-GEOD-8024 Murine ES cells, neural precursor cells and embryonic fibroblasts [AE][EV][DE]
E-TABM-363 E-TABM-363 Differential specification of mesoderm during ES cell differentiation [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-7069 E-GEOD-7069 Zfx controls the self-renewal of embryonic and hematopoietic stem cells [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-10871 E-GEOD-10871 Differentiated, partially- and fully-reprogrammed MEFs/B-cells [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-6933 E-GEOD-6933 Unique Molecular Signature of Multipotent Adult Progenitor Cells (Affy) [AE][EV][DE]
E-MEXP-1375 E-MEXP-1375 microRNA-10a binds the 5 prime UTR of ribosomal protein mRNAs and enhances their translation [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-10806 E-GEOD-10806 Mouse iPS cells from neural stem cells by 2 factors (Oct4, KLF4) (Kim, Zaehres et al.) [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-10210 E-GEOD-10210 Gene expression analysis of embryonic stem cells expressing VE-cadherin (CD144) during endothelial differentiation [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-9563 E-GEOD-9563 Translation state array analysis of Mouse embryonic stem cells and embryoid bodies [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-5671 E-GEOD-5671 Cardiac differentiation of embryonic stem cells recapitulates embryonic cardiac development. [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-4936 E-GEOD-4936 Transcriptional Profiling of Hh-Treated Embryoid Bodies [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-5976 E-GEOD-5976 Mesp1-induced gene expression changes [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-4308 E-GEOD-4308 Expression data for validation of single cell cDNA amplification method (V1V3 method) [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-3463 E-GEOD-3463 Expression profiling of mouse gonadal somatic cells [AE][EV][DE]
E-MEXP-454 E-MEXP-454 Nef Gene expression during sex determination [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-9443 E-GEOD-9443 Gene expression in brain Homer1a-expressing cells after sleep deprivation [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-11128 E-GEOD-11128 Expression data from single cells from mouse primordial germ cell lineage (E6.25-E8.25, wild type and Blimp1KO) [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-6882 E-GEOD-6882 Embryonic Ovary Developmental Time Course [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-10216 E-GEOD-10216 Emx2 knock-out urogenital epithelium [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-9629 E-GEOD-9629 Comparison of normal and beta catenin deficient kidney gene expression profiles at E12.5 [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-10912 E-GEOD-10912 Gene expression profiling in BCR/ABL expressing HSCs [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-6881 E-GEOD-6881 Embryonic Testis Developmental Time Course [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-9760 E-GEOD-9760 Embryonic stem cells with expanded CAG repeats (lorin-affy-mouse-501743) [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-7275 E-GEOD-7275 Evaluation of murine mast cells derived exosomal RNA versus their parental cells MC/9. [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-6078 E-GEOD-6078 PTEN-deficient intestinal stem cells initiate intestinal polyposis [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-4786 E-GEOD-4786 Caloric restriction suppresses apoptotic cell death in the mammalian cochlea and leads to prevention of presbycusis [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-10343 E-GEOD-10343 Murine Acute Lung Injury [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-11056 E-GEOD-11056 Expression data from mouse lung [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-13443 E-GEOD-13443 Induction of systemic disease-specific salivary biomarker profiles in mouse cancer models [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-10214 E-GEOD-10214 Expression data from memory P14 transgenic T cells [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-10765 E-GEOD-10765 Expression data from MALP-2-stimulated macrophages from wild-type, IRAK-2-/- and IRAK-1-/IRAK-2-/- mice [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-7767 E-GEOD-7767 Differential transcription of ip Chlamydia infected C57BL6J and DBA2J mice [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-4051 E-GEOD-4051 Targeting of GFP to new-born rods by Nrl promoter and temporal expression profiling of flow-sorted photoreceptors [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-5338 E-GEOD-5338 In vivo function of NR2E3 in establishing photoreceptor identity during mammalian retinal development [AE][EV][DE]
E-MEXP-1137 E-MEXP-1137 CCSP-Stat3C Gene Array [AE][EV][DE]
E-MEXP-1511 E-MEXP-1511 Mef2c is required for B cell proliferation and survival following antigen-receptor stimulation [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-9812 E-GEOD-9812 Molecular heterogeneity of developing retinal ganglion and amacrine cells [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-5245 E-GEOD-5245 Profiling of CD4+ T cells responding to transient or persistent antigen presented by dendritic cells in vivo [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-11165 E-GEOD-11165 Genes regulated by GATA6 in the lung [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-13306 E-GEOD-13306 Retinoic Acid Enhances Foxp3 Induction Indirectly by Relieving Inhibition from CD4(+)CD44(hi) Cells. [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-5298 E-GEOD-5298 Development of heart valves requires Gata4 expression in endothelial-derived cells [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-13104 E-GEOD-13104 p53+/- mouse osteosarcoma RNA array (with mc3T3 and one RS control) [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-13235 E-GEOD-13235 Gene expression profile of mouse embryonic stem cells (D3-pOCT-mESC) grown in low concentrations of nitric oxide [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-7309 E-GEOD-7309 Requirement for ERK MAP kinase in mouse preimplantation development [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-9044 E-GEOD-9044 HOXB4 target genes in ES cell-derived embryoid bodies (EBs) [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-4307 E-GEOD-4307 Expression data from single cells from ICMs of mouse blastocysts at E3.5 [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-3554 E-GEOD-3554 Microarray Analysis of Retinal Gene Expression in the DBA/2J Model of Glaucoma [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-1435 E-GEOD-1435 Microarray Based Comparison of two Amplification Methods For Nanogram Amounts of Total RNA [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-11161 E-GEOD-11161 Gene expression profiles of neonatal bladder samples. (GUDMAP Series_id: 19) [AE][EV][DE]
E-TABM-411 E-TABM-411 FlowResponse_W06 [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-11343 E-GEOD-11343 Rosiglitazone Treatment Reduces Diabetic Neuropathy in STZ treated DBA/2J mice [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-11358 E-GEOD-11358 Histones associated with downregulated genes are hypo-acetylated in Huntington’s disease models [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-13421 E-GEOD-13421 CBA/CaJ mouse cochlea gene expression profile [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-7225 E-GEOD-7225 Identification and characterization of the changed transcripts in cumulus cells of Bmp15-/- and Bmp15-/-Gdf9+/--DM mice. [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-9247 E-GEOD-9247 Effect of histone deacetylase inhibitors on osteoblast gene expression [AE][EV][DE]
E-MIMR-42 E-MIMR-42 EXP_EKMP_0504_01 [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-11040 E-GEOD-11040 Shared gene expression profiles in developmental heart valve remodeling and osteoblast progenitor cells [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-12694 E-GEOD-12694 Cooperative actions of p53 and Pten in normal and neoplastic progenitor cell renewal and differentiation [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-6789 E-GEOD-6789 response to IL-1b of WT and IRAK4 kinase dead mouse embryonic fibroblasts [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-8828 E-GEOD-8828 Isolation and molecular characterization of cancer stem cells in MMTVWnt-1 murine breast tumors [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-7528 E-GEOD-7528 Gene expression of Wt vs CYP26A1-/- murine ES cells treated with control or 100 nM RA for 8 or 72 hr. [AE][EV][DE]
E-GEOD-6398 E-GEOD-6398 Comparison between gene expression in heart from Lmna H222P homozygous and control mice [AE][EV][DE]

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signE-GEOD-12049Expression data from laminin alpha 2 chain deficient mice vs wild type [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-11291Effect of age, calorie restriction and resveratrol on gene expression in mouse heart, brain, and skeletal muscle [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-8249Systematic discovery and classification of ovarian fertility factors. [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-8563Lymphtoxin pathway effects on thymic medullary epithelial cells [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-6223Gene expression profiles of embryonic day 14 bladder, urogenital sinus, and urethra. [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-3583Huntington's disease: Gene expression changes caused by Hdh CAG mutation or 3-nitropropionic acid in striatal cells [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-8564Analysis of Aire effects on individual mice of different genetic backgrounds [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-9161Expression profiling of cyclin D1 splice variants cyclin D1a and D1b in mouse 3T3 cells. [AE][EV][DE]
signE-MIMR-441EXP_AGVE_0506_02 [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-10392Gene regulation profile of Medroxyprogesterone acetate (MPA)-treated late pregnant cervix [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-10913Bmp2 Is Critical for the Murine Decidual Response [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-6526Expression time course data HEY2 KO and WT MASMC treated with PDGF [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-6595Gene expression study in 1 and 2 cell cloned mice embryos [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-4098Mouse limbal epithelial basal cells vs. corneal epithelial basal cell gene expression profile [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-6399Comparison between gene expression in heart from Emd KO and control mice [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-8683Gene expression in 3T3-L1 mouse tissue (preadipocytes) treated with Trans-10,Cis-12 conjugated linoleic acid(t10c12 CLA) [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-13409Expression data of Naïve Treg and Tumor associated Treg cells [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-7257Laser capture-microarray analysis of Lim1 mutant kidney development. [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-6030Pineal gland gene expression of 129 Wt P0 mice versus NeuroD1 pineal gene expression at P0 [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-12078Ctr9 knockdown in mouse ES cells [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-8431Microarray screening of RARgamma responsive genes in F9 teratocarcinoma cells [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-6506Hematopoietic Fingerprints: an expression database of stem cells and their progeny [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-11206The effect of embryo biopsy on global patterns of gene expression in the mouse blastocyst [AE][EV][DE]
signE-MEXP-667Host Response to Plasmodium [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-13364Expression data from BWF1 mice [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-10964Virus-Induced Airway Disease in Mice (C57BL/6J, d21/d49) [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-6290Gene expression profiles of components of the developing kidney [AE][EV][DE]
signE-MEXP-1190Mouse response to Trypanosomiasis [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-7831Expression data from immature pDC and pDC activated with CpG 1826 and influenza virus PR8 [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-8960The TLR2/NOD2/RICK signaling axis regulates stimulus-specific IL-10 production [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-11870Gene expression changes in primary aortic endothelial cells during expression of dominant negative PPAR gamma (V290M). [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-6810Response of murine splenocytes to infection with wild type or virB mutant Brucella strains [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-9763Transformed glial progenitor cells (prosc-affy-mouse-450860) [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-4866The role of mtDNA mutations in age-related hearing loss in mice carrying a mutator DNA polymerase gamma [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-11680Gene expression differences between high and low exploratory genetically identical mice [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-6589Gene expression profiles of components of the developing kidney (GUDMAP Series_id: 12) [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-10202Striatal gene expression data from 22-month-old CHL2 mice and control mice. [AE][EV][DE]
signE-MIMR-43EXP_JTMP_0804_01 [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-7342Expression data from p38 knock out versus wild type fetal liver [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-10627Mll-AF9 induced changes in gene expression in various hematopoietic cells [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-8836CLL in Em-TCL1 mice provides a biologically relevant model to unravel and reverse immune deficiency in human cancer. [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-5582Neocortical and cerebellar astrocytes [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-11667Age-associated increase in aneuploidy and changes in gene expression in mouse eggs. [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-1986Global gene expression across a range of tissues [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-12073Expression data from transgenic Aire expressing pancreatic islets [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-7809Transcriptional expression of ICC-DMP and ICC-MY in murine small intestine [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-5587tourt-affy-arabi-307860 [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-8690Microarray analysis identifies distinct subpopulations of arthritic mice deficient for interleukin 1 receptor antagonist [AE][EV][DE]
signE-TABM-468Transcription profiling of mouse embryonic fibroblasts from gsn -/- and wild type mice following treatment with bleomycin and staurosporin [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-6837Expression data from wild type (wt) and Ikbke knockout (Ikke) embryonic fibroblasts (EF) [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-7759Spatial and Temporal Analysis of Gene Expression During Growth and Fusion of the Mouse Facial Prominences [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-7798Osteoclastic estrogen receptor alpha mediates the osteoprotective estrogen action through Fas ligand signaling [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-11018Effect of BMPR2-R899X mutation in lung with and without elevated RVSP [AE][EV][DE]
signE-MIMR-1241EXP_BCMM_0308_07 [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-6875Development of Regulatory T cell Precursors in the Absence of a Functional Foxp3 Protein [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-10273Convergent molecular pathways that induce immunoglobulin light-chain recombination [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-9294EOM and TA Sp cell comparison [AE][EV][DE]
signE-TABM-229Aldosteron-regulated gene products in the kidney cortical collecting duct [AE][EV][DE]
signE-TABM-310Transcription profiling of wild_type, Atf3(-/-), Ticam1(-/-), MyD88(-/-) and CREM(-/-) murine bone marrow-derived macrophages stimulated with purified Toll-like receptor agonists after 0-48 hours [AE][EV][DE]
signE-JJRD-1Molecular signatures for post-infective visceral chemosensitivity [AE][EV][DE]
signE-MIMR-282EXP_MTIH_0106_01 [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-11677Gene expression profiles of age-associated clonal expansions of CD8 memory T cells [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-6674Gene expression program of AM-14 B cells stimulated through the B cell receptor (BCR) and/or Toll-like receptors (TLR) [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-7280Gene expression in peripheral cells: effects of Foxp3 and PDE3B [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-9519The time-dependent response of placental trophoblast stem cells to hyperosmolar stress [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-13074The RPE transcriptional response to light damage [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-8091Transcriptome and proteome analysis of early embryonic mouse brain development [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-1999Neuroprotective effects of erythropoietin. Wilson-5R01NS028208-15 [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-13149Multi-stage analysis of gene expression in C57/B6 mouse liver development [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-11862Early Gene expression changes after axonal injury [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-7357Expression data from Hfe-deficient liver and duodenum in mouse strains with differing susceptibilities to iron loading [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-4756ruiz-affy-mouse-243540 [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-10902Differential expression between FHL2-/- and WT MEFs. [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-9037response to LPS of WT and IRAK4 kinase dead mouse bone marrow macrophages [AE][EV][DE]
signE-MEXP-1802Transcription profiling of various cell types [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-7324Structural basis for recognition of SMRT/N-CoR by the MYND domain and its contribution to AML1/ETO's activity [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-9465Murine Pulmonary Responses to Ambient Baltimore Particulate Matter [AE][EV][DE]
signE-MEXP-420Lundbeck C57bl_6j Effect of icv administration of LPS (4 + 16 hr) [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-9460Mouse model of Osteosarcoma [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-11356Expression data from early and adult stages of mouse development [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-11434Ventilator-induced lung injury in C57BL\6 mice [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-7424Intragraft gene expression profile associated with the induction of tolerance [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-11922High temporal resolution profiling of NIH3T3 cells [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-6623FoxO are critical mediators of hematopoietic stem cell resistance to physiologic oxidative stress [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-8969Impaired liver regeneration in Nrf2 knockout mice caused by ROS-mediated insulin/IGF-1 resistance [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-7657Identification of phase-specific arthritis-related genes in mice [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-3822Complete embryonic E11.5 metanephric kidney analysis of wild type and Hoxa11, Hoxd11 null targeted mice [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-5987Mouse model of Endometrioid Ovarian Adenocarcinomas by conditional inactivation of PTEN and APC genes [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-11141Effects of NgR overexpression on the developing and mature forebrain (backm-affy-mouse-433094) [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-9355Microarray expression profiles of mammary tumors developed in Wap-Cre;Etv6-NTRK3 mice [AE][EV][DE]
signE-MEXP-1030Effect of in-vitro fertilization on gene expression and development of mouse preimplantation embryos [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-9717Rb Intrinsically Promotes Erythropoiesis by Coupling Cell Cycle Exit with Mitochondrial Biogenesis [AE][EV][DE]
signE-MEXP-1431Analysis of gene expression in mice lacking Mdm2 in the intestine [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-6675Astroglial gene expression program elicited by fibroblast growth factor-2 mande-affy-mouse-307080 [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-11220Timecourse of developing mouse placenta, with placental and decidual tissues profiled separately [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-10262Expression data from Helicobacter pylori-infected mouse gastric epithelial progenitor and non-progenitor cells. [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-8863Mouse mammary tumor-initiating cells [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-8307Expression and neurobehavioral analyses in prosaposin deficient mice: Molecular alterations precede neuronal deficits [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-6610Expression data from murine ventral prostate treated with placebo or RAD001 for 12h, 48h, 6d,9d, and 15d [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-6259Differential antigen processing by dendritic cell subsets in vivo [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-13384Comparative analysis of Drd1+ Medium Spiny Neurons and Drd2+ Medium Spiny Neurons [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-3100Cystic Fibrosis Mouse Lung Profiles [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-4142Molecular Analysis of antigen-specific B cell responses [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-11898Expression data from primary mesangial cells stimulated with DNA and RNA ligands [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-9189Differentially regulated genes in normal LT-HSC vs ST-HSC [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-6514Gene expression in the mouse brain during spontaneous sleep and prolonged wakefulness [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-11982Expression data from WT and E2A-KO bone marrow stem and progenitor cell subfractions. [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-9810Comparison of human and mouse dendritic cell subsets by genome-wide expression profiling [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-7310Comparison analysis of 2 week old C57BL6J lung exposed to 2 weeks of cigarette smoke compared to age-matched controls [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-12948Oncogenesis of T-ALL and non-malignant consequences of overexpressing NOTCH1 [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-7958Striatal gene expression data from 3- and 18-month-old Q92 mice and control mice. [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-5202Expression data from B. melitensis infected mouse macrophages [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-5124Hoxb1 gene expressing Hox-A1 protein: Altered transcriptional profile in rhombomere 4 at E10.5 [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-9314Expression data from mouse lung with recombinant human soluble PBEFtreatment and ventilator-induced lung injury [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-13103Expression data from early mouse embryo eye development, specifically optic fissure. [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-8039Gene Expression in Transgenic Mice Expressing CD30L on T Cells [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-11149Cranial neural crest cells of E11.5 wild type and FAK mutants (valle-affy-mouse-480721) [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-10634Aquaporin-11 knockout effect on kidney [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-9878Gene expression analysis of Pax5-/- proB cells transduced with control or EBF retrovirus. [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-6291Transcriptome Analysis Multipotent Adult Progenitor Cells (Affy) [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-4230Gene expression profiles in developing nephrons using Lim1 metanephric mesenchyme-specific conditional mutant mice [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-8513Eradication of Solid Human Tumors in Nude Mice with an Intravenously Injected Light-Emitting Oncolytic Vaccinia Virus [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-11415C2C12 differentiation time course to observe changes between myoblasts and myotubes [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-11539Murine embryonic lung development: time course (C57BL/6J) [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-13379Application of a translational profiling approach for the comparative analysis of CNS cell types. [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-4774ruben-affy-mouse-187820 [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-11804Pharmacological regulation of skeletal muscle gene expression [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-7503Effects of JNK on TGF-beta responses of mouse B lymphoma derived A20 cells [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-9371Estrogen receptors alpha and beta mediation of gene expression in mouse vascular tissue [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-9630Expression data from mouse liver [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-11222Placental and decidual timecourse samples normalized and modeled with an undissected e17 sample [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-10167Microarray Analysis of Treacher Collins Syndrome [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-10954Transcription Profiling of Lung Adenocarcinomas of c-Myc-Transgenic Mice [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-10239Functional and Genomic Profiling of Effector CD8 T Cell Subsets [AE][EV][DE]
signE-MEXP-1296FGFR1-driven prostate cancer progression [AE][EV][DE]
signE-TABM-253Increased dietary cholesterol-induced atherosclerosis is associated with liver inflammation [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-11687Ca2+ oscillatory pattern in fertilized mouse eggs affects gene expression and development to term. [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-9743The in vivo effect of actin cytoskeletal abnormalities on gene expression [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-7150Activin-deficient granulosa cells [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-7875Deletion of PKBalpha/Akt1 affects thymic development [AE][EV][DE]
signE-MEXP-1371The Nonsense-mediated mRNA decay factor UPF2 is essential for hematopoiesis [AE][EV][DE]
signE-MEXP-1313Polyglutamine domain regulates the interaction of TATA-binding protein with TFIIB Round 2 [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-4758conra-affy-mouse-89474 [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-7196Differential gene expression between WT and ERRa-null hearts [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-11918Molecular characterization of murine IFN producing killer dendritic cells [AE][EV][DE]
signE-MEXP-962Miyakawalab-M.musculus-mutants [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-4193Gene expression in murine germ cells [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-7676Changes in gene expression following Protocadherin 12 knockout [AE][EV][DE]
signE-MEXP-878Gene expression profile of hippocampal neuronal cultures during development [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-5037zhang-affy-mouse-217286 [AE][EV][DE]
signE-MEXP-1325Mir-155 regulates the generation of Ig class switched plasma cells [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-9471Diurnally regulated gene expression in the prefrontal cortex of C57Bl/6J mice at Zeitgeber Time (ZT) 3, 9, 15, and 21. [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-7596AKT regulates de novo induction of Foxp3 [AE][EV][DE]
signE-MEXP-840Fibulin-4 mice [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-10422Traf2 and Traf3 B cell knockout mice and Baff tg mice - gene expression in lymph node B cells [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-8512Expression data from mouse bone marrow macrophages from a strain intercross [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-6980The Differentiation and Stress Response Factor, XBP-1, Drives Multiple Myeloma Pathogenesis [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-9024Gene activation by Rag-mediated DNA double strand breaks [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-13386Comparative analysis of Drd1+ Medium Spiny Neurons, Drd2+ Medium Spiny Neurons, cocaine treatment [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-7050Stabilization of b-catenin induces lymphomas [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-11287Keap1-dependent gene expression determined in the liver using conditional Keap1 knockout mice vs. genetic control mice [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-9786Transcriptional response to PFOA in wild-type and PPARalpha-null mice [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-11859Acquisition of granule neuron precursor identity and Hedgehog-induced medulloblastoma in mice. [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-4481C-type natriuretic peptide regulates endochondral ossification through p38 MAP kinase-dependent pathways_2 [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-10904Expression data from wildtype and alb/cre liver-conditional Pdss2 knockout mutant mice [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-13385Comparative analysis of Drd1+ Medium Spiny Neurons, Drd2+ Medium Spiny Neurons and whole brain [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-8788Comparison of gene expression pattern between Wild-type and Trib1-deficient mice (Gene chip data for JEM 20070183) [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-11662GADD45a in ventilator-induced lung injury: role of Akt signaling [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-7333miR-1-2 knockout versus wild-type hearts [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-3621R6/1 brain hemisphere time series gene expression [AE][EV][DE]
signE-MEXP-1622Nav1.8-positive neuron expressed genes [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-7685Transcriptional profiling of growth plate chondrocyte differentiation yields insight into endochondral ossification [AE][EV][DE]
signE-TABM-102Transcription profiling of wild-type and ATF3 -/-mouse bone marrow macrophages stimulated with lipopolysaccharide after 1, 2, 4, 8 and 24 hours [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-8684Gene expression in mouse 3T3-L1 adipocyte tissue culture treated with cis-9,trans-11 conjugated linoleic acid(c9t11 CLA) [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-11201Coordinated Regulation of Signaling Pathways and Biological Processes during Liver Development [AE][EV][DE]
signE-MEXP-1406LNA-mediated microRNA 122 silencing in diet induced obese mice [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-13129Analysis of genes regulated by FoxD3 in B16-F10 mouse melanoma cells [AE][EV][DE]
signE-MEXP-710Heinitz-SN56.B5.G4murine-beta-Amyloid-2006 [AE][EV][DE]
signE-MEXP-704Lahn Mus GFP activation following 5A2dC exposure [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-7012Identif. of oscillatory genes in somitogenesis from functional genomic analysis of C2C12 myoblast line [AE][EV][DE]
signE-MEXP-1176Expression profiling time course of gene expression following transforming growth factor beta 1 treatment of hepatocytes. [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-8681Gene expression in mouse 3T3-L1 adipocyte tissue culture treated with CLA [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-8025Diarrhea as a Cause of Mortality in a Mouse Model of Infectious Colitis [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-7793Vancomycin nephrotoxicity assessed by DNA microarray [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-12337Transcriptomic analysis of PPARalpha-dependent alterations during cardiac hypertrophy [AE][EV][DE]
signE-MEXP-438MolBio Uni Zurich - Mus musculus - Target gene identification for MTF1 [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-10740Expression data from the colon of wild-type and Slc9a3 (NHE3)-deficient mice [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-6485Expression data from olfactory epithelium of Harlequin mutant mice compared to littermate controls [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-10881Properties of mammalian neural progenitor cells as revealed by genome-wide single cell gene expression profiles [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-3414Immune Response to Nippostrongylus brasiliensis in the mouse lung [AE][EV][DE]
signE-MEXP-1444C-EBPa mutant leukemia initiating cell expression profiling [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-8679Gene expression in mouse white adipose tissue [AE][EV][DE]
signE-MEXP-1755WTCHG - Mouse - Liver Gene Expression Response to Prolonged Fat Feeding [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-9441The effect of sleep deprivation on gene expression in the brain and the liver of three inbred mouse strains [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-7430Investigate the role of Wnt/beta-catenin signaling in development of the exocrine pancreas [AE][EV][DE]
signE-MEXP-834Ercc1 knock out mice [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-8726Expression Data from Sod2-/- and Sod2+/+ Mouse Erythroblasts. [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-13387Comparative analysis of Drd1+ Medium Spiny Neurons, Drd2+ Medium Spiny Neurons, Motor Neurons, and Purkinje Neurons [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-11253Expression data from Rb family (Rb, p130 and p107) deficient Hematopoietic stem Cells [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-7020The molecular consequences of Nix ablation on apoptosis and erythropoiesis [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-8555Genome-wide analysis of Phgdh inactivation in murine embryonic head [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-8733Folate deficiency enhances arsenic effects on ODC mouse skin gene expression [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-8150Age-related transcriptional changes and the effect of dietary supplementation of vitamin E in the mouse brain [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-9330Expression data from wild type and Ctip2-/- (Bcl11b) mutant mouse striatum at P0 [AE][EV][DE]
signE-MEXP-1504Naturally aged mice-multiple tissues [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-4041zhang-affy-mouse-200705 [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-10193Conjugated linoleic acid suppresses FAS and promotes mammary tumorigenesis in PyV-MT mice [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-5332mTOR pathway controls mitochondrial gene expression and respiration through the YY1/PGC-1alpha transcriptional complex [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-11050cross-hybridization of woodchuck HCCs using human, rat and mouse arrays [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-1871SCCOR_MouseLung_Simva_LPS [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-8621LPS tolerance in macrophages [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-8682Gene expression in mouse 3T3-L1 adipocyte tissue culture treated with tunicamycin [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-8771Expression data from hAT1R transgenic and non-transgenic C57BL/6 mouse heart tissue [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-9130aP2-nSREBP1c_white_Adipose_Tissue_expression_differentials [AE][EV][DE]
signE-MEXP-1649Inactivation of hepatic Foxo1 by insulin signaling is required for adaptive nutrient homeostasis and endocrine growth regulation [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-5296Spinal Cord Injury Murine Model [AE][EV][DE]
signE-MEXP-755Murcia parp-2 DP thymocytes [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-8407Elucidation of the phenotypic, functional and molecular topography of a myeloerythroid progenitor cell hierarchy [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-9297Genomic profile of IL10-/- knocked out colitis model [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-13590Experimental identification of microRNA-140 targets by silencing and overexpressing miR-140 [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-5128Gene Expression Biomarkers for Predicting Liver Tumors in Two-Year Rodent Bioassays [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-8498The MicroRNA miR-124 Promotes Neuronal Differentiation by Triggering Brain-Specific Alternative Pre-mRNA Splicing [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-6540Expression data from olfactory epithelium of Lip-C-treated mice compared to Lip-O-treated control mice [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-5324Transcription profiling of human wild-type and TTP-deficient fibroblast cell lines to identify TTP mRNA targets [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-11386Gene expression in murine memory versus naive B cells (1st generation and 2nd generation screens) [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-9509A transcriptional repressor and co-repressor induced by the STAT3-regulated anti-inflammatory signaling pathway. [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-11698Microarray of Trex1 WT and Trex1 KO hearts on RAG2KO background [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-13032The Effects of Resiquimod Treatment on the Asthma Transcriptome [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-6116Transcriptional Biomarkers to Predict Female Mouse Lung Tumors in Rodent Cancer Bioassays - A 13 Chemical Training Set [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-9010HOXB4 target genes in adult hematopoietic stem and progenitor cells (HSC/HPCs) [AE][EV][DE]
signE-MEXP-453Perrin Mus musculus SOD1 G93A Motoneurons [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-9338Expression data from Mus musculus subspecies and their F1 hybrids for 3 tissues (brain, liver, testis) [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-9202Expression data from mouse microvascular transcriptomes [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-6957Transcriptional profiling of bipotential embryonic liver cells to identify liver progenitor cell surface markers (430) [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-11664gene expression of CTCF-depleted mouse oocyte [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-7823Murine Pulmonary Response to Chronic Hypoxia is Strain Specific [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-9018IgA impact on distal small intestine after colonization with B. thetaiotaomicron [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-8949Gene expression changes in mouse aorta during activation of or interference with PPAR gamma signaling. [AE][EV][DE]
signE-MEXP-1314Polyglutamine domain regulates the interaction of TATA-binding protein with TFIIB Round 1 [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-7705Microarray analysis of CD4+T cells in murine arthritis [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-6903Expression data from high-fat diet feeded WT and LIGHT Tg mice [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-8295Comprehensive analysis of PPARα-dependent regulation of hepatic lipid metabolism by expression profiling - 4 [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-3203Influenza virus infection-induced gene expression changes of regional B cells are mediated in part through type I IFN [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-7219NIK/NF-kappaB2 regulated gene products. [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-12712Expression data from liver of adult mice that differ in expression of Regulator of sex-limitation genes. [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-8292Comprehensive analysis of PPARα-dependent regulation of hepatic lipid metabolism by expression profiling - 3 [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-5555Hookworm-Induced Persistent Changes to the Immunological Environment of the Lung [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-7897Expression data from Mouse Lymphoma [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-11443Choroid plexus function in B10.pl WT mice versus B10.PL RAG-/- mice (carri-affy-mouse-302760) [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-6085Transcription profiling of mouse T cells in response to IL-2 at 10 time points in 24 hours after IL-2 treatment [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-8678Gene expression data from sorted IL-7Rhi/lo effector CD8 T cells on day 6/7 after LCMV armstrong infection [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-8044Brown versus white tissue adipose selective genes [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-5817marsh-affy-mouse-232749 [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-10895Expression study of liver smaples of 2-days old Mfp2 knockout mice as compared to wild type [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-6998Expression profiling of developmental and regenerating liver in mice [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-9188Differentially regulated genes in LT-HSC from control or Pbx1-null mice [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-10347Gene expression data from Hexose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase knockout mouse muscle at 4 weeks [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-4752tourt-affy-mouse-243760 [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-10182MDP- and Pam3CSK4-induced genes in naïve and tolerant macrophages [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-6632Hepatocellular carcinoma follows loss of liver-gender specificity in mice [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-2843thymic mouse cells [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-5140Creatine increases health and life span in mice [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-1479C57BL/6 Benchmark Set for Early Cardiac Development [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-9249Gene expression analysis of B-NHL from λMYC, λMYC/IµHABCL6, λMYC/AIDKO and λMYC/IµHABCL6/AIDKO mouse models [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-10965Comparison of the transcriptional profiles of the retinal pigmental epithelium/choroid from young and old mice [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-8396Effect of Synthetic Dietary Triglycerides: a Novel Research Paradigm for Nutrigenomics [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-4043Gene profiling analysis of Src chemical rescue [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-10516Identification of genes controlled by LMX1B in the developing mouse hindlimb bud [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-8313integrin alpha7 overexpression effects on skeletal muscle transcriptions [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-7810Comparative analysis of gene expression WT and Nrf2-/- mice Type II cells [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-13044Gene expression profiling in the lung and liver of low and high dose Perfluorooctanoic Acid exposed mouse fetuses [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-13563Pilot study: Basal gene expression in bone [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-10082Aryl Hydrocarbon Receptor Regulates Distinct Dioxin-Dependent and Dioxin-Independent Gene Batteries [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-9711Expression comparison between wild-type and transgenic mouse lenses [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-11148Polytopic protease downregulation effect on the brain (rogae-affy-arabi-492460) [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-11679Gene expression changes related to postnatal handling [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-4260Cumulus-oocyte complex temporal expression [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-6046Expression data from Dicer knockout MEF [AE][EV][DE]
signE-MEXP-1673New asthma biomarkers lessons from murine models of acute and chronic asthma [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-8065Gene expression during early postnatal development of the small intestine [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-4002Global gene expression profile of interspecies pregnant implantation sites between rat and mouse [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-7781Impaired heart function in Apelin gene-deficient mice [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-13010Heat shock effects on testes from C57BL/6 and AKR/N mouse strains [AE][EV][DE]
signE-MEXP-1899Transcriptional profiling in the lungs of C57BL6 mice following aerosol infection with Mycobacterium tuberculosis for 30 and 70 days [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-11194GATA4 conditional knockout in the small intestine [AE][EV][DE]
signE-MEXP-1455Conditional deletion of dicer in Abl pre-B lines [AE][EV][DE]
signE-MEXP-1492Zoghbi-Math1 Spinal Cord E12.5 [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-6686Gene expression profiles in skeletal muscle after gene transfer by electroporation [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-7683Microarray of Dexamethasone-treated primary chondrocytes identifies downstream targets of glucocorticoid signalling [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-6210Hypomorphic Mutation in PGC1beta causes mitochondrial dysfunction and liver insulin resistance [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-9725Gene expression data after acute withdrawal of TERT in mouse skin [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-7957Expression data from Pseudomonas aeruginosa exposed airway epithelium from C57Bl6 and MMP-7 and MMP-10 deficient mice. [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-7694Cannabinoid receptor double knockout mice (Cnr1 -/- /Cnr2 -/-) in CHS model [AE][EV][DE]
signE-TABM-232Requirement of bic for Normal Immune Function [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-5127Gene Expression Biomarkers for Predicting Lung Tumors in Two-Year Rodent Bioassays [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-11766Transcriptional repression of c-Myb and GATA-2 is involved in the effects of C/EBPα in p210 BCR/ABL-expressing cells [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-6858Expression data from experimental murine asthma [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-10556Comparision of expression profile between wild-type and Slc39a13 knockout chondrocytes [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-7762Morphine effects on striatal transcriptome in four inbred mouse strains [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-9442Molecular correlates of sleep deprivation in the brain of three inbred mouse strains in an around-the-clock experiment [AE][EV][DE]
signE-TABM-141Glucose-Responsive Genes in Mouse Beta Cells [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-7707Gene expression changes in multiple brain regions of a mouse MPTP model of Parkinson's disease [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-11382Liver and cecum from mice exposed to aflatoxin B1 (AFB1) and/or Helicobacter hepaticus [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-6065Murine host cell response to Aeromonas infection [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-9013Expression data from side-population sorted putative intestinal stem cells. [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-8488Inhibitor Trials [AE][EV][DE]
signE-MEXP-1383Standaert lab - alpha-synuclein transgenic mice [AE][EV][DE]
signE-MEXP-835Csb-Xpa knock out [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-11400Gene Expression Data in R26Pax3 palates [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-7764mRNA expression profiles of resting and IL-15 activated murine NK cells [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-11818Selective miRNA disruption in Tregs leads to uncontrolled autoimmunity [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-6466Gene expression profiles of postnatal day 1 and adult bladders [AE][EV][DE]
signE-MEXP-701Lahn Mus 5A2dC exposure in fibroblasts [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-10784Gene profile data from Df(16)A/+ and wild type littermates [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-9316Gene Microarray analysis of Th17 cells [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-6383Mouse small intestine epithelium vs. mesenchyme [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-8322Identification of MCIP1 as an ATF6-inducible ER Stress Response Gene in the Heart by Gene Expression Profiling [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-10162Transcriptional Adaptation to Clcn5 Knockout in Proximal Tubules of the Mouse Kidney [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-11777Microarray data of mouse fetal liver [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-10290Gene expression analyses of PR action in the mammary gland of ovariectomized mice [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-8357Functional analysis of exon 2 of p130Cas in fibroblasts derived from exon 2-specific knockout mice. [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-6678Palmitoyl protein thioesterase-1 knockout mice hofma-affy-mouse-370000 [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-8311Dlx homeodomain transcription factor mutants (ruben-affy-mouse-313340) [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-8434Transcriptional regulation by Errb (Nr3b2) in stria vascularis [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-6676Comparison of corneas from wildtype mice to those from mice under the influence of high doses of TGF-beta russe-affy-mouse-372894 [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-8034Prospective isolation of functionally distinct radial glial subtypes - lineage and transcriptome analysis [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-7348Gene Expression in Naive and Tolerant Macrophages stimulated with LPS [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-11703Effect of v-erbA on RA-responsive genes in AML12 hepatocytes [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-7302Expression data from bone marrow hematopoietic stem cell CD34 Flt3 subfractions [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-5198Transcriptional profiling of mouse ileum in response to colonization with a zebrafish or mouse gut microbiota [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-6285Expression data from brains of mice fed four different diets [AE][EV][DE]
signE-TABM-404Ncad_07 [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-8269Uterus_Gravid_d18_WT vs. Cox-1 KO [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-6867Expression data in the absence of Notch1 in hair follicles [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-9804Striatal gene expression data from 12 weeks-old R6/2 mice and control mice (set 2) [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-11259Role of epithelial to mesenchymal transition (EMT) in spontaneous breast cancer metastasis [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-10769Conserved Transcriptional Response of Rodent Liver to TCDD: Mouse [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-12950Gene expression profile of testes from three mouse strains, AKR/N, C57BL/6 and MRL/MpJ+/+ [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-6255Lymphatic endothelium of metastatic tumours has a distinct transcription profile. [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-6765Aeromonas caviae infection, 24 hours [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-7598Identification and characterization of genes expressed in the mouse ZPA using a novel microarray approach [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-4658static vs simulated microgravity [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-11333ELAV-like protein HuD overexpression and pulldown (perro-affy-mouse-482241) [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-7784Expression profiling of double negative thymocytes [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-11923High-temporal resolution profiling of mouse liver [AE][EV][DE]
signE-MEXP-793Helin M.musculus Identification of genes repressed by CBX8 and BMI1 [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-6846Gene Expression and Biological Processes Influenced By Deletion of Stat3 in pulmonary Alveolar Type II Cells [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-5715Intestinal Phenotype of Variable Weight Cystic Fibrosis Knockout Mice [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-9368Mouse lung with recombinant human soluble PBEFtreatment and ventilator-induced lung injury: age 8-12wks [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-5035zhang-affy-arabi-50806 [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-4695Changes in gene expression in dermal fibroblasts following exposure to Et1 peptide [AE][EV][DE]
signE-MEXP-700Lahn Mus ET1 exposure in fibroblasts [AE][EV][DE]
signE-MEXP-1184Gene expression profiling of hippocampal slices after NMDA or forskolin-rolipram-0 Mg or bicuculline treatment [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-6487Myogenesis MyoD [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-12609Transcription factor Arx null brains (fulp-affy-mouse-364520) [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-10176Inducible repositioning of genes to the inner nuclear membrane [AE][EV][DE]
signE-TABM-130Mammalian testicular expression program [AE][EV][DE]
signE-TABM-275Toxicogenomics effects of oestrogen exposure in foetal testis [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-7258Expression data of bronchoalveolar lavage cells from control or urethane treated AJ mice [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-5668Identification and characterization of the changed and stable transcripts during mouse oocyte maturation [AE][EV][DE]
signE-MEXP-1503Ercc1 delta mice [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-5038zhang-affy-mouse-308606 [AE][EV][DE]
signE-MEXP-1803Transcription profilling time series of BM monocytes following M-CSF or GM-CSF stimulation [AE][EV][DE]
signE-MEXP-1413Role of E2F2 in liver regeneration [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-11258Npas4-regulated genes in mouse hippocampal neurons [AE][EV][DE]
signE-MEXP-842System-driven circadian transcription in mice with a conditional liver clock [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-12610Diabetes and the retina (eldre-affy-mouse-319092) [AE][EV][DE]
signE-MEXP-1146Evaluation in mammalian oocytes of gene transcripts linked to epigenetic reprogramming [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-12001Wild-type neutrophils and miR-223 null neutrophils [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-9124Gene expression profiling of E12.5 wildtype- and Sp3 null hearts [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-5921Differential expression of BMP4-regulated genes associated with commitment of C3H10T1/2 cells into adipocytes [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-6909Differential gene expression in placentae (E10.5) from adra2bKO and adra2bWT mice [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-11207Dorsal root ganglion (katz-affy-mouse-210210) [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-8199E18.5 Estrogen-related Receptor gamma Knockout Mouse Heart [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-11147Hippocampus of HuD overexpressor mice (perro-affy-mouse-309741) [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-7475Inflammatory response to titanium dioxide particles exposure is enhanced during pregnancy [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-12769Murine postpartum testis developmental time course (0 to 35 day) [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-11035Effect of 5HTT knockout and heterozygosity in whole mouse lung [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-7155Expression data from adult laboratory mouse brain hemispheres [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-4926Gene expression profiling of a mouse model of islet dysmorphogenesis [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-6461SYT-SSX murine synovial sarcoma model [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-9123transcription factor PlagL2 regulates steps in chylomicron metabolism [AE][EV][DE]
signE-MEXP-1291Genotype dependent macrophage expression profiles and radiation response [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-2372Aortae of 32 weeks old apoE mice [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-7838Comprehensive Gene ExpressionProfiling of Peyer’s Patch M Cells, Villous M-like Cells, and Intestinal Epithelial Cells [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-10535Retinal transcripts level alteration in the prCAD -/- mouse, a model for retinal degeneration [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-11981Gene expression profiling of HhAntag-treated pancreatic xenografts [AE][EV][DE]
signE-TABM-367Differential expression of genes in POR conditional knock out limb buds compared to control limb buds [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-9913Intestinal gene expression in ENU mutagenesis mouse strains with missense mutations in Muc2 mucin and ER stress [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-10377Strains for eQTL CNV Analysis [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-6297Expression data from livers of mice fed four different diets [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-4411burde-affy-arabi-64764 [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-7381Expression profiling of back skin of Get1 and control mice at e18.5 [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-9803Striatal gene expression data from 12 weeks-old R6/2 mice and control mice (set 1) [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-4332Cell intrinsic alterations underlie hematopoietic stem cell aging [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-3440Effect of aldosterone on gene expression in the heart [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-6482mECK36: a cell and animal model of virally induced Kaposi's sarcoma [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-11484Gene expression analysis of ctrl_islets versus VhlhKO_islets [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-7605Expression in Kir6.1-deficient heart following LPS challenge [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-11732Runx transcriptional program for control of cell adhesion and survival [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-8312Enhancing integrin alpha7 expression effect on myoblast transcription [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-5500Gata4 is required for postnatal cardiac function and protection from pressure overload-induced heart failure [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-9668Strain-specific differences in lactation performance of mice [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-8503mRNA expression analysis of undifferentiated Dicer -/- (27H10) embryonic stem cells after miRNA transfection [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-6055Gene Expression Profiling Reveals Unique Pathways Associated with Differential Severity of Lyme Arthritis [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-10644Characteristic Transcriptional Profiling of Rhythmic mRNA Expression in the Murine Distal Colon [AE][EV][DE]
signE-MEXP-1040Kaestner - Gene expression profile of Foxa3 deficient mouse testis [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-10175Comparison of gene expression in the epidermis of Tcfap2c mutant and control skin at embryonic day 16.5 [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-7212Medulloblastomas derived from Cxcr6 mutant mice respond to treatment with a Smoothened inhibitor [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-6134Offsprings of crosses between hypercholesterolemic and normocholesterolemic parents LUMC-HKG-ApoE-Atherosclerosis [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-7141mRNA expression analysis of undifferentiated Dicer +/- (D4) and Dicer -/- (27H10) embryonic cell lines [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-2060Characterize CREB target genes in different tissue types [AE][EV][DE]
signE-MEXP-839Naturally aging wt mice [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-10528The retinal transcriptional response to light damage [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-12389Interferon-γ-dependent regulatory circuits in immune inflammation highlighted in diabetes [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-9097H. hepaticus infection and liver cancer [AE][EV][DE]
signE-GEOD-5309Transcriptional Profiling of Mammary Gland Side Population Cells [AE][EV][DE]

Gene list [query + 50 genes]

#Score#Gene name#probeset id#Gene description
#QUERYNANOG-PS11429388_atNanog homeobox [Source:MGI Symbol;Acc:MGI:1919200]
4.68e-26POU5F11417945_atPOU domain, class 5, transcription factor 1 [Source:MGI Symbol;Acc:MGI:101893]
6.29e-25ZFP421418362_atzinc finger protein 42 [Source:MGI Symbol;Acc:MGI:99187]
2.23e-24L1TD11457314_atLINE-1 type transposase domain containing 1 [Source:MGI Symbol;Acc:MGI:3578435]
2.88e-24DPPA21453223_s_atdevelopmental pluripotency associated 2 [Source:MGI Symbol;Acc:MGI:2157523]
2.04e-22DPPA5B1416552_atdevelopmental pluripotency associated 5B [Source:MGI Symbol;Acc:MGI:3765340]
1.88e-21ZIC31423424_atzinc finger protein of the cerebellum 3 [Source:MGI Symbol;Acc:MGI:106676]
8.57e-21SOX21416967_atSRY (sex determining region Y)-box 2 [Source:MGI Symbol;Acc:MGI:98364]
2.02e-20DPPA41429597_atdevelopmental pluripotency associated 4 [Source:MGI Symbol;Acc:MGI:2157525]
3.55e-20GM139291449064_atpredicted gene 13929 [Source:MGI Symbol;Acc:MGI:3649396]
4.43e-19EU5990411443892_atzinc finger protein 936 [Source:MGI Symbol;Acc:MGI:3642994]
1.54e-18DPPA31424295_atdevelopmental pluripotency-associated 3 [Source:MGI Symbol;Acc:MGI:1920958]
2.17e-18DPPA21429654_atdevelopmental pluripotency associated 2 [Source:MGI Symbol;Acc:MGI:2157523]
1.03e-17GDF31449288_atgrowth differentiation factor 3 [Source:MGI Symbol;Acc:MGI:95686]
1.54e-17MORC11419418_a_atmicrorchidia 1 [Source:MGI Symbol;Acc:MGI:1316740]
3.61e-17ZFP9811438237_atzinc finger protein 980 [Source:MGI Symbol;Acc:MGI:3712454]
3.92e-17ZIC31438737_atzinc finger protein of the cerebellum 3 [Source:MGI Symbol;Acc:MGI:106676]
4.22e-17UTF11416899_atundifferentiated embryonic cell transcription factor 1 [Source:MGI Symbol;Acc:MGI:1276125]
6.22e-17TFAP2C1436392_s_attranscription factor AP-2, gamma [Source:MGI Symbol;Acc:MGI:106032]
7e-17SALL11437983_atsal-like 1 (Drosophila) [Source:MGI Symbol;Acc:MGI:1889585]
1.29e-16PRDM141444390_atPR domain containing 14 [Source:MGI Symbol;Acc:MGI:3588194]
1.58e-16TDGF11450989_atteratocarcinoma-derived growth factor 1 [Source:MGI Symbol;Acc:MGI:98658]
2.8e-16SLC7A31417022_atsolute carrier family 7 (cationic amino acid transporter, y+ system), member 3 [Source:MGI Symbol;Acc:MGI:1100521]
4.56e-16FBXO151427238_atF-box protein 15 [Source:MGI Symbol;Acc:MGI:1354755]
5.07e-16MIR2931444292_atmmu-mir-293 [Source:miRBase;Acc:MI0000391]
1.38e-15ZSCAN101438787_atzinc finger and SCAN domain containing 10 [Source:MGI Symbol;Acc:MGI:3040700]
1.74e-15TRIM61424448_attripartite motif-containing 6 [Source:MGI Symbol;Acc:MGI:2137352]
2.66e-15LIPH1457026_atlipase, member H [Source:MGI Symbol;Acc:MGI:2388029]
3.46e-15RNF171438820_atring finger protein 17 [Source:MGI Symbol;Acc:MGI:1353419]
6.97e-15ERAS1456511_x_atES cell-expressed Ras [Source:MGI Symbol;Acc:MGI:2665023]
7.85e-15FGF41420085_atfibroblast growth factor 4 [Source:MGI Symbol;Acc:MGI:95518]
8.46e-15NODAL1422058_atnodal [Source:MGI Symbol;Acc:MGI:97359]
1.14e-14JADE11426752_atjade family PHD finger 1 [Source:MGI Symbol;Acc:MGI:1925835]
1.22e-14ESRRB1436926_atestrogen related receptor, beta [Source:MGI Symbol;Acc:MGI:1346832]
1.56e-14LRRC341429366_atleucine rich repeat containing 34 [Source:MGI Symbol;Acc:MGI:1919077]
3.63e-14DMRT11423582_atdoublesex and mab-3 related transcription factor 1 [Source:MGI Symbol;Acc:MGI:1354733]
3.74e-14TFAP2C1418147_attranscription factor AP-2, gamma [Source:MGI Symbol;Acc:MGI:106032]
4.73e-14TGIF11422286_a_atTGFB-induced factor homeobox 1 [Source:MGI Symbol;Acc:MGI:1194497]
5.11e-14MAGEB16-PS21429701_atmelanoma antigen family B, 16, pseudogene 2 [Source:MGI Symbol;Acc:MGI:3701602]
8.18e-14FGF41420086_x_atfibroblast growth factor 4 [Source:MGI Symbol;Acc:MGI:95518]
9.21e-14DND11455367_atDND microRNA-mediated repression inhibitor 1 [Source:MGI Symbol;Acc:MGI:2447763]
1.68e-13ZMYM11428052_a_atzinc finger, MYM domain containing 1 [Source:MGI Symbol;Acc:MGI:1915560]
2.32e-13MYMX1456242_atmyomixer, myoblast fusion factor [Source:MGI Symbol;Acc:MGI:3649059]
2.46e-13DNMT3L1425035_s_atDNA (cytosine-5-)-methyltransferase 3-like [Source:MGI Symbol;Acc:MGI:1859287]
2.56e-13TCL11422458_atT cell lymphoma breakpoint 1 [Source:MGI Symbol;Acc:MGI:1097166]
2.65e-13GM122411456140_atzinc finger protein of the cerebellum 5 [Source:MGI Symbol;Acc:MGI:1929518]
	Query      : nanog
	Feature ID : 1429388_at #platform feature used as query
	Method     : beta
	Measure    : pearson
	Platform   : A-AFFY-45: 
		Nr of features on platform : 45101
	Number of probesets in output : 50
	Standard deviation filter : 0.29
	Limit for used datasets : all
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