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Process-specific genes
(yeast systematic symbols
with optional sub-process labels)
Example (600 cell cycle genes analysed in
the m:Explorer paper, from Granovskaia 2010)
Yeast TF dataset
P-value threshold

Process-specific regulator scores predicted in m:Explorer
Relative contributions of subprocesses to TF predictions
Relative contributions of regulation types to TF predictions
Transcription factor network of process-specific genes

Predicted and significant TFs from the m:Explorer analysis are shown as triangles and TF target genes from the process-specific list are shown as circles. Edge colors denote different types of transcriptional regulation (up-regulated, down-regulated, TF binding site with/without nucleosome depletion, or combination of evidence). The control panel in the top left corner of the network figure allows movement and zoom operations.
Mouse pointer can be used to select and drag TFs and target genes.
Double clicking on a node will select its immediate neighbours in the network. Double-clicking a TF will select all its target genes in the selected process, and double-clicking a gene will select all TFs that the gene is targeting.
Selected TF-target interactions are available as plain text under the link Selected interactions below the network.
The network image can be exported as a file in several graphics formats, including PNG and PDF. Cytoscape format SIF is also available.

TF scores as text | TF subprocess scores as text | TF evidence scores as text | Process-specific TF-gene network as text | Permalink to these results

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