Release notes

Release notes for BIIT group software

26.02.2011 - Major update of g:Profiler released (Ensembl 61, Ensembl Genomes 8). This release contains several new features, notably (i) introduction of g:Cocoa for comparative analysis of multiple gene lists, (ii) interpretation of gene lists via protein-protein interactions of the BioGrid database, (iii) interpretation of gene lists via human disease gene annotations of the Human Phenotype Ontology, (iv) support for chromosomal queries to retrieve gene lists from specific DNA regions, (v) customised statistical background and filtering of Gene Ontology electronic annotations with IEA evidence code, (vi) introduction of many new species (plants, fungi, metazoa, protists) via Ensembl Genomes, (vii) refresh of ArrayExpress datasets and interactive search filter in g:Sorter.

02.02.2011 - MEM update; We have updated our expression experiment database from ArrayExpress repository. Please note that default (i.e Current) database version refers now to the latest version (26.12.10).

01.12.2010 - MEM updateDefault dataset limit set to 100 - no more than 100 datasets are used in initial query for speed purposes, this parameter can be changed under "Dataset filters" tab. New parameters added under "Output" tab to manipulate cell size and spacing in visual output.

16.03.2010 - g:Profiler update incorporating Ensembl 57 and Ensembl Genomes 4.

15.02.2010 - MEM update; New feature - "Database version", which includes updated version of ArrayExpress gene expression dataset repository. Read more

8.12.2009 - BIIT Link made public

4.12.2009 - MEM article published in Genome Biology.