Actively maintained software

Web services

  • – coronavirus survey, tools and resources
  •  g:Profiler – functional profiling of gene lists from large scale experiments (article)
  • MEM (Multi Experiment Matrix) – large-scale gene expression data queries and mining (article)
  • ClustVis – a web tool for visualizing clustering of multivariate data (article)
  • funcExplorer– a web tool that extracts the most significant biological features of a dataset using clustering combined with functional annotations
  • KEGGanim – animation of pathways using high-throughput data (article)
  • GraphWeb – a tool for mining large biological networks (article)
  • DosOpt – a web-based tool for Bayesian dose adjustment during clinical treatment (article)
  • MethSurv – a web tool to perform multivariable survival analysis using DNA methylation data (article)
  • PAWER – ProtoArray Web ExploreR is a tool for analysing protein microarray data (Protoarrays)
  • EDAMmap – tool for mapping text to bioinformatics ontology EDAM. It is designed to assist a curator annotate tools and services in the field of bioinformatics.
  • The Virtual Coffee Room – Questions and answers forum dedicated for communication related to ELIXIR

R packages

Information retrieval related algorithms and data structures

Older software

This software is no longer actively maintained.

  • ESCD – Embryonic Stem Cell Database (article)
  • FunGenES Data Atlas – A Genomics Resource for Mouse Embryonic Stem Cell Differentiation (article)
  • m:Explorer – identifying process-specific gene regulators from high-throughput genomic data (article)
  • G=MAT: Linking Transcription Factor Expression with DNA Binding
  • HappieClust – Fast approximate hierarchical clustering using similarity heuristics (article)
  • SWOG – Simple Web Object Graphics